Working with tables

Tables underpin the mapping of data in our platform. Although the content of tables is different according to each product, the basic understanding of its principles allows you to use the full capacity of all our products and features.

What’s more, you can customize tables for your current needs. Tables management gives a possibility to add additional parameters, use multi-filtration and export the desired data.


Column Chooser

Each product or section has tables which include parameters set by default. Column Chooser is designed to hide unnecessary parameters and/or display those necessary for your current tasks.

By default, you are given only five parameters: Keyword, Tags, Search Vol., Positions, and Keyword Dynamics.

Here’s how you can add additional parameters:

  1. Click on Column Chooser if you want to display additional parameters.

  2. Drag and drop the selected parameter to add it to the table.



Multi-filtration allows you to combine different filtration and sorting parameters, so you can display precisely the data that you need for your project. You can group the data by column header, filter lists by the contents, sort values in ascending or descending order and apply smart filters.


How to reset the grid?

Click to reset the table to its default state.

Data Export

You can export all data to Excel file. Please note that only visible data will be exported – hidden columns will not be included in a report.

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