Related Keywords

In the Related Keywords section, you can find keywords related to any search term. The data will be presented for the specified language and location.

What are related keywords?

Related keywords are terms that are closely tied to a primary keyword. They represent search queries users who search for a specific term are also using. They are usually not obvious unless you know exactly how and what your customers are searching for.

Google presents related keywords at the end of a search result page.

Related keywords are created for users who couldn’t find what they were looking for. If a user went through TOP10 websites in SERP, it’s unlikely that they would go to page two or three to find a website with a relevant result. That’s why Google suggests related queries at the end of the page, so a user can modify their original term and try their luck with a new keyword.

Related keywords can help you find hundreds of additional keyword ideas for a seed term and use them in your content. However, Google provides only eight related keywords for a search term; that’s why it’s better to use advanced SEO tools like Keyword Finder. In its Related Keywords section, you can find much more than eight ideas.

How to use the tool to find related keyword ideas

To find related keywords for a search term, follow these simple steps:

1. Select a country in the Select a country field.

2. Choose a language in the Select a language field.

3. Type a keyword you want to find related terms for in the Enter a keyword field.

4. Click Apply.

After that, related keywords will appear in the Research results for the last 30 days section. Click on the arrow icon to expand your keyword list.

Along with keywords, you will find useful keyword metrics: Search Volumes, Competition Rates, and CPCs.

  • Search volume is the approximate number of monthly searches for a particular keyword. The data is provided in the framework of the selected search engine, language, and location. It’s extracted from Google Adwords. Click on the checkmark icon next to the value to discover how a keyword’s search volume has been changing over time.
  • Competition represents the relative amount of competition associated with a certain keyword in paid SERP only. We display it as the number from zero to one.
  • CPC (Cost per Click) refers to the recommended bid for a particular keyword, according to Google Adwords.

You can filter related keywords from the list by any of these metrics. That will enable you to find the most appropriate terms for your future content.

You can also add these keywords to your project and start monitoring your website positions for them. The added terms will be marked with the green Rank Tracker label.

How to export the data

To export keywords from the list in the xlsx. format, click on the Export button.

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