Conversions & E-commerce

The Conversions & E-commerce section can help you measure how often users complete specific actions on your website. It can also tell you what pages of your site encourage visitors to complete goals the most.

The section is divided into two blocks: Goals Overview and E-Commerce Overview.

Goals Overview

The Goals Overview section displays the number of goals completed by visitors on each day of the specified timeframe. Along with that info, it also shows the number of Goal Completions, the Goal Value in USD, the Goal Conversion Rate, and the Total Abandonment Rate.

Goal Completions represents the total number of goals that have been completed within the specified timeframe.

Goal Value is a dollar amount associated with actions completed by users on your website during the specified period.

Goal Conversion Rate represents the percentage of visitors who completed goals on your website within the specified timeframe.

Total Abandonment Rate refers to the percentage of visitors who have commenced your defined conversion process but have failed to convert on the goal during the specified period.

Along with that information, you will also see your TOP10 goal sources and TOP100 goal completion locations.

E-commerce Overview

The E-Commerce Overview block shows the number of transactions made on each day of the specified time period. It also displays TOP10 revenue sources and TOP100 products on your website.

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