This is the best deal for:


New business developers



What will you promote?

You will promote the complete solution for SEO, marketing, digital and inbound agencies and business owners.

We call our product - All-in-One SEO Platform.

It includes great and valuable products for every business.

You can browse products we've built here: Browse Products.


How much will you earn?

You earn 50% from every purchase your referred customers make.


Recurring payments are included!

In the table below we show your potential earnings if you attract 10 customers (Optimal plan $69.95/mo) every month.

Month Sales commission Recurring commissions from previous months Total earnings
1 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 0 $349.75
2 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $349.75 $699.5
3 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $699.5 $1049.25
4 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $1049.25 $1399
5 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $1399 $1748.75
6 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $1748.75 $2098.5
7 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $2098.5 $2448.25
8 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $2448.25 $2798
9 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $2798 $3147.75
10 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $3147.75 $3497.5
11 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $3497.5 $3847.25
12 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*50% (commission)=$349.75 $3847.25 $4197

$4000+/mo for just 10 sales per month. Not bad, is it?

Are you able to attract more customers? Awesome! We can support unlimited number of customers.

How does it convert?


Become Trial users


From Trial users to Customers


Customers use product more than 6 months


50% partner share

Each month on the 1st day we will pay 50% from all payments of your customers. No holds.

10+ sales per month

You must be able to attract 10+ sales per month. If you not sure that you can, you can try our Affiliate program.

Users support

You must be able to provide users support. We will assist you and help at the early stage.

Paypal, Webmoney

We will pay you in US dollars by PayPal or Webmoney.
We do not support other payment methods.

Beneficial cooperation

Initial payment is only $2500. Start earning money with us straight after you’ve paid.

What is the distribution of responsibilities?

Task Your side RankActive side
Software development and improvement
Hardware support and maintenance
Integration with 3-rd parties during the process of implementation
Sales and marketing
Users support

How it works in simple words

partnership infographic