Keyword Metrics

Search Volume is the approximate number of monthly searches for a particular keyword. The data is provided in the framework of the selected search engine, language, and location. It’s extracted from Google Adwords.

ETV (Estimated Traffic Volume) is an estimation of website traffic that can be driven by a certain keyword. It is calculated by the following formula: search volume * traffic distribution rate. 

Competition represents the relative amount of competition associated with a certain keyword in paid SERP only. We display it as the number from zero to one. 

CPC (Cost per Click) refers to the recommended bid for a particular keyword, according to Google Adwords.

KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) shows the potential of a keyword to generate traffic. The higher the value, the easier it is to promote a keyword in TOP10 of SERP. The data is calculated by the following formula: KEI = (search volume)² / (total number of results).

Traffic Cost shows how much paid traffic would cost in case you launch a PPC campaign. This data will enable you to estimate how successful your SEO-campaign is, and, if necessary, make a decision on the budget reallocation.


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