What do all of the words in the table stand for?

In the table one could see the keywords, which have been added to the project.

How “Keywords” section may help me to analyze my competitors’ positions?

The Keywords section shows the data of:

  • Search Volume of every word;

  • ETV – Estimated Traffic Value (shows the overall visibility of the domain for the keywords in the table)

  • Ranking Position for each keyword that you have in a project.

You can select the desired competitor and compare the data. The value of blue color helps you to define the highest position among the displayed ones instantly. The information is shown for the chosen search engine. The information is updated every 7 days.

Is it possible to compare data for all the competing projects?

Yes, you should just select all the desired competitors in the corresponding field.

What is the point of using tags?

You could use tags to group your keywords according to any common feature. We recommend to use it if you would like to investigate separate groups of words instead of having a long list in your table.

Why do some words have “-” instead of value?

It means that this website is not ranked for a given keyword.

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