Ranking Distribution

The Ranking Distribution section shows how many keywords added to the project are ranking on a particular page of SERP. It is divided into two parts: Distribution Overview Chart and Distribution Details.

To make the tool work, you have to specify the search engine and the date range in the upper left corner.

Distribution Overview Chart

Distribution Overview Chart displays the number of keywords your website is ranking for on different pages of search results. It also shows how your site’s visibility has changed over the specified period.

The Distribution Overview chart displays the first 10 pages of SERP for the specified search engine. The keywords that are not ranking on the first 10 pages of SERP get to the Other column.

Distribution Details

The table in the Distribution Details part displays more detailed information. Besides the number of terms ranking on a specific page, it also displays changes in keyword positions over the specified period and the number of relevant pages ranking on each page of search results.

You can click on the arrow near a certain page and discover all the keywords it is ranking for.

You can also export the data for each page separately in an xlsx file by clicking on the Export button.

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