Project Setup



How do I create a project?


  1. Click Add New at the top of the screen.

  2. Enter a website URL at the first field.

  3. Name your project in the second field. (A unique project name may be a necessity if you’re going to create several projects for a single domain).

  4. Click Next.

step 2


  1. Specify a tracking mode.

  2. Add keywords. You can do this manually, or by clicking the “Generate Keywords” button.

  3. Select search engines.

  4. Click here for more details

step 4


  1. Make sure your website is connected to Google Analytics.

  2. Authorize Google Analytics under your account. It has to be done only once.

  3. Click “Finish”.


How do I edit a project?


  1. You can change a domain name or project name.

  2. You can delete or “freeze” the project by clicking the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen.

What is the “frozen” project?

You can freeze a project by clicking Freeze [Project Name] in the Edit section.
In the drop-down list of campaigns, you’ll notice a snowflake icon next to the name of a frozen project.

The collection of data for a frozen project will be stopped until you unfreeze it. You are free to add new projects instead of “frozen” ones.

What about an example?
For instance, if you use the Optimal subscription, the number of daily tracked keywords in your plan is limited to 7,500. So, if you decide to freeze the project with 100 keywords, the limit of keywords under your Optimal account will drop to 7,500 – 100 = 7,400 daily tracked keywords.
Also, the number of projects you can freeze is equal to the number of projects available under your account; for example, users of Minimal plan can add 5 campaigns + additionally freeze 5 campaigns.

  1. You may change your tracking mode, remove or add search engines.

  1. You can also delete or add keywords according to their positions and/or Search Volume.

  2. Create various keyword categories by assigning tags to different keywords.


You can change your Google Analytics account.


You may enter your competitors manually, or generate the list automatically by clicking the “Research Competitors” button.

How can I automatically create a list of my competitors?

Just click the “Research Competitors” button and the system will collect all competitor websites across all search engines and keywords added to your project.

How do I add competitors manually?

You may use this option when you already know which competitor you want to add. Just enter a competitor’s domain name into the box and click “Add”.

The SiteAuditor tab gives a possibility to manage the settings of the crawler and the Spell Checking mode.


What crawler parameters can be modified?

  • Crawl-delay in seconds is the frequency of your website scanning. You can set a delay in seconds. By default, the delay is 6-8 seconds.

  • Depth limit is the parameter that sets the acceptable depth of scanning. At Level 1 crawler scans all the links on the main page; level 2 allows to scan all pages linked from the first level, etc. By default, the depth is unlimited.

  • Custom Robots.txt is added to facilitate your control over the crawler. You can allow or restrict a website scanning without setting up separate rules in your robots.txt file. Simply uncomment the necessary string in the box on the right.

  • Robots Merge Mode sets the behavior of our crawler towards your robots.txt file. By Override mode, our crawler ignores your robots.txt file.


What Spell Checking parameters can be modified?

  • You can enable or disable spell checking by placing or removing the tick.

  • You can add or delete exception words.

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