The Rankings section shows the ingress level of the keywords that you have in your project into competitors’ TOP10 (TOP3,TOP1). The information is displayed according to the chosen search engine. The data is updated daily.

How do I check how many keywords my competitors are rankings for?

You should hover to the top you are most interested in to see the total amount of your project’s words in this top and also you will see the percentage of the words in a selected top.

Where can I get additional information about the competitors’ rankings?

In Ranking Details you can see the best ranking results of your competitors’ websites for the last 7 days (the data is based on the keywords added to the project, subdomain pages are excluded). The data is updated once a week.

You need to click on and you will be redirected to the website, also here you could find The Average Position for all search queries that are in the TOP100, the number of keywords in the corresponding TOP and Delta that is in front of each value shows the weekly dynamics of growth or downfall of the indicators.

And one more advantage, you can download the data for each individual page in the Excel format.

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