Competitors inspector

Competitors inspector is built to find your competitors and track their traffic, rankings and visibility.
Competitors inspector helps to be always one step ahead!
Competitors inspector is the part of the RankActive All-in-One SEO Platform. Try it now!

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Competitors inspector: video overview

How does it help? Is it suitable for my business?

How does Brand monitor help?

Competitors inspector helps you to understand: what's going on with your competitors? What amount of traffic do they have? What is your ranking in comparison to competitors'?
With Competitors inspector you can make the detailed research of your direct competitors’ activity and use their best techniques for your own benefits.

Whom is this product for?

Competitors inspector can be used for any business. For every website.
But It is best for:

  • Inbound agencies and marketers
  • SEO/SERM agencies and freelancers
  • Business owners

See it in action

The best way to discover RankActive Competitors Inspector features is to see it in live mode. Please, note that some features, f.e. Google Analytics, are not available in Demo account. To try all power of RankActive - please register for FREE Trial.

Amazing features for your success

Automatic competitors finder

RankActive automatically detects your competitors by their visibility in search engines.

Specify your competitors

You have a possibility to add your competitors manually.

Traffic analysis

Analyze your competitors traffic (organic, paid, social) and compare this information to your website data.

Ranking analysis

What is your ranking in comparison with competitors? We know the answer!

Visibility comparison

Compare your website with competitors by visibility in search engines.

Automatic data updates

Information related to traffic is updated once a month. Information about rankings and visibility is updated once a week.

Export all data to Xlsx

You can export all information to the Excel format.

Dynamics of all values

You can see the changes of values over the time. Compare your website growth with competitors.

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