Keyword Suggestions

In the Keyword Suggestions section, you can find keyword suggestions for any search term. The data will be presented for the specified search engine and language.

What are keyword suggestions?

Keyword suggestions are terms suggested by Google when you type a specific keyword into a search box.

Keyword suggestions are designed to make user queries clearer. When somebody types, say, “toys”, Google offers them more specific suggestions to understand their intent and provide relevant results.

The Keyword suggestions section can be a good source of additional keyword ideas. However, Google provides only from 8 to 10 suggestions for a keyword, so it’s better to use advanced SEO tools to discover more suggested terms. In the Keyword Suggestions section of the Keyword Finder tool, you can automatically find hundreds of keyword ideas.

How to find keyword suggestions

To find keyword suggestions for a specific term, follow these simple steps:

1. Choose a search engine in the Search Engine field.

2. Type a keyword into the Enter a keyword field.

3. Click Apply or hit Enter.

After that, suggested keywords will appear in the Research results for the last 30 days section. Click on the arrow icon to expand your keyword list.

Along with keywords, you will find each keyword’s relevance metric. It represents how relevant a suggested keyword is for an original term.

You can add suggested keywords to your project and start monitoring your website positions for them. The added terms will be marked with the Rank Tracker label.

How to export the data

To export keywords from the list in an xlsx file, click on the Export button.