What you will get


You will get the actual position for your search query.


You will get a list of 100 results for your search query.

Search volume, CPC

You will get the information about search volume, CPC and competition level for every keyword.

Our benefits

Speed and capacity

We can handle up to 500,000 queries per hour. On the average, it takes one minute to get search results.


We offer the best price at the market.

All search engines and locations

You can get results for Google, Google Mobile, Google Maps, Google Map Pack, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex. You can get results for every location.


No contracts

You don't need to sign any contract. You can cancel your API account anytime.

No monthly fees

You don't need to pay a monthly fee. Just pay for what you need and when you want.

One result - one credit

We will deduct the cost of every task from your balance. 1 credit = 1 result for one search engine. If you need the information about search volume, CPC and competition level, we will deduct 1 more credit, additionally.


The amount of credits received on your balance depends on your payment sum.

Payment amount, USD Credits per $1 Price per one query, USD
500-1000 1000 0.001
1000-2500 1250 0.0008
2500-5000 1500 0.00066
5000-10000 1750 0.00057
10000-25000 2000 0.0005
25000-50000 2500 0.0004

For example, if you pay $15,000 then you will receive 2000 credits for each $1. This means that you will get 15000*2000=30,000,000 credits.

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