Relevant Pages

This section provides the information about ranked pages relevant to keywords ranked in TOP 100.

You can get the info for a desired day of the selected period of time by hovering over the corresponding point on the chart.

Use the table below the chart to explore details about the ranked pages of your website.

The first column of the table represents a list of ranked pages. For each page there is data on the total number of keywords bound to one of the ranked pages.

On the left, next to the number, if the quantity of keywords has changed, a blue or red-colored value is presented. The shown difference is based on the data comparison between the initial and end dates of the selected period.

You may also pull out additional table parameters by using the Column Chooser. So far, it contains the following indicators: Sum Search Volume, Sum Estimated Traffic Value, Average Competition, Average Keyword Efficiency Index Value, Average Cost per Click, Sum Traffic Cost, Average Number of Keywords Total Results.

If you click on the arrow before the relevant page’s URL, you’ll find the detailed information about keywords related to the page, including their positions, Search Volume and ETV. What’s more, you can download the data for each individual page in the Excel format.

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