Report center: video overview

How does it help?

How does Report center help?

Report center makes your SEO work a lot easier. You can select what type of SEO report you want to receive or send to your clients. Choose any periods to compare. Generate SEO reports immediately, download them or set up the receiving on schedule. Set the date and time of receiving in a way which is convenient for YOU.
No more headache because of reporting. Our automated reporting system is totally customizable. Save your time and make your clients happy!

Whom is this feature for?

Report center can be useful for any business. For every website.
But It is best for:

  • SEO experts and agencies
  • SERM agencies and freelancers
  • Inbound marketers
  • Business owners

See it in action

The best way to discover RankActive Report Center feature is to see it in live mode. Please note that some features, such as Google Analytics, are not available in Demo account. To try all power of RankActive - please register for FREE Trial.

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Amazing opportunities for your success


Receive your reports directly to your inbox


You can choose one or more recipients for the selected report


Select timezone and time when you wish to receive a report


Want to generate report immediately? No problem!

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Customers reviews

Our company and RankActive platform have been together from the very beginning, from the first alpha and beta versions. And I can’t imagine my business and all processes within the company without it. I truly believe that the successful result of work with our clients depends on RankActive. Site optimization – it is a process with hundreds and even thousands of factors that can affect the results. Just like the plane flight over the ocean – as long as the weather is clear, the pilot has no problems. But as soon as the storm begins and he can see nothing because of zero visibility. All he is able to use is the plane dashboard. RankActive provides that dashboard with high-precision instruments and metrics for any website at any time. This is so simple and at the same time fantastically efficient. Yep, we have information at our fingertips.
Alex Alexeev
CEO  -
December 14, 2016
RankActive is a really good tool for every Marketing person. It helps me a lot to keep an eye on our competitors, shows what are the weak and strong points on our website and marketing activities and gives us a good tips how to improve. I am very satisfied so far!
Ivelina Peneva
October 27, 2016
I started my small business 5 years ago. There are two ways potential clients find my services, referrals and search engines. I quickly realized I needed to understand SEO and use it more effectively if I wanted my business to survive among the thousand of others competing against me. RankActive is an amazing program for SEO. After spending hours blogging, entering keywords – I had no way of tracking my progress or even knowing if it was effective. With RankActive, I can see exactly where I am ranking on all major search engines for each specific keyword. It helped me define what keywords I needed to focus on more. The interface is super easy to use and understand. Now, if I spend a week actively blogging, I can see the growth via RankActive immediately, which encourages me to continue. In only 1 month of using RankActive my business comes up in the top 10 for 43 keywords. I only wish I could have found RankActive sooner!
Jessica Silver
August 06, 2016
As an SEO Agency our SEO tools are like the heart beat of our company. After researching and comparing many SEO tools, we are very happy to have found RankActive. Their SEO platform is like no other. The daily rankings are accurate and reliable. The Google Analytics integration is brilliant. And RankActive’s active support team is stellar! Each and every time RankActive keeps on positively surprising us by adding new useful features, which helps us to grow our business. So, thank you, RankActive team. I highly recommend you for any SEO Agency!
Chris Kleingeld
August 02, 2016
After spending months searching for and testing rank tracking software, I was lucky enough to discover RankActive. They are, hands down, the leader in rank tracking & website analytics software. From the array of tools that they offer to their top-notch support, there is nothing else on the market that comes close to offering the benefits & value that RankActive does. I highly recommend.
Terry Pierce
May 18, 2016
RankActive’s keyword ranking replaced our older tool that always needed attention. The old tool’s server was always down, constantly needed rebooting, couldn’t connect to the database, or was giving us some type of error – three or more times each week. When the old tool did work, it often gave very flawed results, which either showed rankings too high or too low. No such problems with RankActive. It gives you rankings without any drama. RankActive has a much better user interface that allows you to add keywords and sites easily, quickly. It allows for easy monitoring of keywords and pages you need to focus on instead of having you worry about managing unwieldy software.
Paul Sim
April 29, 2016
After searching for months to find a rank tracker which could track city, state, and county modified keywords I finally found RankActive. The web-based software makes it extremely easy to track all my clients in one dashboard and see all the cities and Google Map Packs they rank in. You are able to update your rankings at will where most rank trackers only give you once a day or once a week. Add in the benefit of seeing your client's analytics, site audits, and also digging deep into the pages they are ranking for there is not a rank tracker on the market like RankActive. Trust me I have looked.
Justin Herring
Co-founder  - YEAH! Local
May 29, 2017

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Report center: what is it?

Why do I need an SEO report?

Every cycle of service providing, not only in the SEO sphere, includes a few stages. One of them is sufficiently important. It is reporting of what works were done and what results have been achieved. For an SEO agency or a freelance specialist, this point means a lot, because further cooperation with clients mostly depends on it. What data should be delivered to a customer through a report? Before you start the SEO marathon to the top of Google with a customer’s website, you can create a site audit report and provide your client with it to show what exact problems it has and explain how your agency can help to change the situation to better. After some work has been done and strategies implemented, you may want to measure your success and send a proof of it to the customers. For example, the Rank Tracker report. The details of improved rankings will speak themselves. With the estimation of significant changes between the data on an initial and end date, you will win your client’s heart quickly. Also, you may want to show what keywords won positions and how many of them are on each SERP of TOP100.

Why do I need an SEO report?

Is using of SEO report tools better than having one-on-one meeting with client?

Is using of SEO report tools better than having one-on-one meeting with client?

It depends on many factors but benefits of email reporting are obvious. Customers are different and they have different expectations. You can agree on one-on-one meetings at the office or via Skype, but sending weekly or monthly reports is the best option in most of the cases. And this is why. The lack of time has become an integral part of the modern world, that’s why going to the business meeting would cost a lot to any business owner. In comparison to two or so hours spent on going to your agency office, having a business meeting and heading back to the company office, a few minutes check of an SEO report has a lot more time benefits. They can use saved time for development of business ideas and strategies and you can spend it on improvement of SEO strategies.

What kind of SEO reports for clients is better: weekly or monthly?

On the early stage of cooperation you can send weekly reports, so your customers see how the rankings in different search engines and traffic flow grow week by week. Also, you can include audit report with all on-page errors that have been eliminated.

Monthly reports are necessary to show the achieved results. They should include ranking information, traffic insights, information of reducing bounce rate and audience details. Also, it is necessary to analyze (and include) the goal completion to show that the SEO works you’ve conducted bring the actual results.

Scheduling of reports is a pretty tough thing. Nevertheless, this task can be completed in a few clicks if you use special reporting software, like Report Center designed by RankActive. The settings are very flexible, you can pick delivery of reports every day, on any day of week, one or a few dates of a month. Also, you can select the kind of data that should be included, attach a PDF or Excel file and add emails of customers or team members whom you want to share the data.

What kind of SEO reports for clients is better: weekly or monthly?

What information should an SEO report include?

What information should an SEO report include?

There are many opinions on this point. But most number of SEO experts advise to include such data as:

  • Keyword research details. There should be the list of keywords, information on search volume and estimated traffic value to explain the difficulty of ranking for the keywords and show a number of visitors the website may get in case of ranking for provided keywords.
  • Analysis of competitors. Provide the data on keywords your customer competitors ranking on, where they get backlinks and sources of their traffic.
  • Audit report. This kind of information is needed to show how on-page optimization factors work. Your client will see what on-page errors should be eliminated to improve rankings of a website in the preferable search engine, for instance, Google.
  • Traffic growth. Your customer will definitely want to see this data, the more traffic a site gets, the more chances to see the growth of conversions.
  • Link building information. There should be link source URLs, link destination URLs, anchor text, linking page’s domain and page authority score.
If your customers have no idea on what the reporting data is about you can provide the short and understandable explanation. In other words, slice and dice information like you would do it for your best friend. To get more loyalty points from your customers, in addition to accurate data, you can white label SEO report. As a result, you will get a branded report with logo and description of your company. Such reports look more authoritative than the ones created under the brand of an unknown company.

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