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Affiliate Program

We'd love to earn money with you! Get 25% from all (including recurring) payments!


  •   Rank Tracker, Site Auditor, Link Manager are the basic set of tools any SEO needs to conduct sufficient analysis and implement a brilliant strategy.
  •   Top Analyzer and Competitors are useful helpers that spy on niche and SERP rivals
  •   Backlinks that are built to be aware of brand reputation and referring links
  •   Useful features such as White Label, Account Access management and more that help to gain additional points to SEO agency’s authority.
  •   Report Center and Notification Manager with which won’t let you miss significant data changes
Affiliate Program

How much will you earn?

You earn 25% from every purchase your referred customers make.


Recurring payments are included!

In the table below we show your potential earnings if you attract 10 customers (Optimal plan $69.95/mo) every month.


Month Sales commission Recurring commissions from previous months Total earnings
1 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 0 $174.87
2 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $174.87 $349.74
3 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $349.74 $524.61
4 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $524.61 $699.48
5 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $699.48 $874.35
6 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $874.35 $1049.22
7 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1049.22 $1224.09
8 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1224.09 $1398.96
9 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1398.96 $1573.83
10 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1573.83 $1748.70
11 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1748.70 $1923.57
12 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1923.57 $2098.41

$2000+/mo for just 10 referral customers per month. Not bad, is it?

Are you able to attract more customers? Awesome! We can support unlimited number of customers.

How does it convert?


Become Trial users


From Trial users to Customers


Customers use product more than 6 months


No spam

Email spam is not allowed.
Doorways are allowed.

Payments once a month

All payments are processed on the 1st day of every month.
No holds.

Paypal, Webmoney

We pay our affiliates in US dollars by PayPal or Webmoney.
We do not support other payment methods.

Instant approve

All you need to start is RankActive account.
You will find your promo-code and referral links in Affiliates section in your profile menu.

How it works in simple words

RankActive Affiliate program


Just few steps to making money:

  •   Create RankActive account.
  •  Move to Affiliates section in the profile menu.
  •   Distribute promo-code and referral links.
  •   Profit!
Ready to earn

Why you should become our affiliate partner today

If you want to start an online business, as a side project to make extra money or as something that will replace your primary job, affiliate marketing is a fabulous option. And here are the benefits you will get after you become the RankActive affiliate partner.

All the earnings depend only on you.

You can get nothing or become a millionaire. Everything depends on your desire to become successful and financially independent. All-in-One Toolkit is a top requested product. It is very popular among specialists of SEO sphere which in its turn is developing by leaps and bounds. The platform is highly competitive thanks to the set of products and features it has.

All the earnings depend only on you

No investment

In general, the affiliate marketing is an easy industry to join; there are no requirements to start making money. Sign up for Trial, get your referral links and promo code and the first step towards bringing home the bacon is made.

No Experience

Not a marketing expert? That is not a problem. The most amazing thing about being our affiliate partner is that you can learn along the way. There are many ways to run and manage affiliate marketing programs. All you need to do is to use any marketing experience you have gained before and try to find out what campaigns perform better and bring the most profits.

No Experience

Additional Source of Income

Additional Source of Income

What stops you from being RankActive affiliate program member? If you have a full-time job, we will never ask you to quit it. As an affiliate marketer, you can do earn money with us as a side project spending an hour or two every day and see if there is a need to switch to it completely over the few first months.

No boundaries

The working environment is under your control. If you are in Europe or the USA, all you will need is the Internet. You can travel around the world and never stop working because there are no boundaries that may limit your affiliate activity. Work everywhere without such bureaucracy as dress code, company regulations, monthly reports or management of other team members.

No boundaries

No need to support attracted customers

As an affiliate partner, you don’t need to bother about customer support because all you care about is how much you earn. If you get any requests from customers on how this or that feature works, what their benefits are, why they faced some issues - move them to our online support team that is available 24/7.

No hard work

Another strong benefit of becoming RankActive affiliate partner is getting a passive income. In other words, you can earn money while you sleep. Imagine, you wake up, open the laptop and see additional revenue that you got while were asleep.

No hard work

No Limit

No Limit

As an affiliate marketer, you can use different ways to promote our product. Set up an affiliate blog, send affiliate emails, create PPC campaigns or use social media with such platforms like Quora. It is all up to you and your desire to earn a lot of money with such a powerful weapon as our toolkit with useful products and outstanding features.

Ready to Try for Free?

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