Which useful data may I retrieve from the “Visibility” section?

The Visibility section represents two parameters for your and each competitor’s site:

ETV (Estimated Traffic Value) shows the amount of traffic that your site and your competitors’ ones gain for all key queries that have been added to the project. The calculation is based on the Search Volume of each request and traffic distribution coefficient in the SERP.

How can I calculate Estimated Traffic Value?

You should use this formula:

SVV (Search Visibility Value) shows the overall visibility of the domain for key queries which are added to the project, measured as a percentage. 100% SVV means that all keywords that are in the project are in TOP1.

How can I calculate SVV?

You could use the following formula:


What is it distribution coefficient? How can I count it?

Distribution coefficient is defined by the following table:

1 place 1
2 0.9
3 0.8
4 0.7
5 0.6
6 0.5
7 0.4
8 0.3
9 0.2
10 0.1
11-20 0.05
21+ 0


What do the charts illustrate to me?

In the upper part of the page, you could see the chart with ETV for your project and your competitors’. To check ETV you just need to hover on the blue background.

Which details will help me to improve my visibility?

In the lower part of the page, in “Visibility details” you could see the table with ETV and SVV for your site and your competitors’. The data is updated once a week ( subdomain pages are excluded).

Delta that is in front of each value shows the weekly dynamics of growth or downfall of the indicators.

And one more advantage, you can download the data for each individual page in the Excel format.

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