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RankActive vs AgencyAnalytics: Unbiased Comparison

20 July 2021 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

RankActive vs. AgencyAnalytics

Are you looking for SEO tools that meet your needs?

We’re here to help.

In the following paragraphs, we compare RankActive’s and AgencyAnalytics’s functionality to help you decide which platform is better for you.

Even though this blog post is published on our platform, we’ll try to make it as unbiased as possible. We’ll describe the tools as they are, compare them, and leave the choice to you.


AgencyAnalytics (formerly MySEOTool) is an enterprise SEO & marketing platform developed in Canada in 2010. Initially started as a small project, the company hired its first employee in 2013 and then multiplied to over 35 employees and more than 4,000 customers worldwide over the last eight years.

The platform incorporates tools for SEO, PPC, local SEO, social media, and web analytics, offering a sophisticated solution for businesses and freelancers for a reasonable price.

AgencyAnalytics’s rank tracking tool monitors keyword positions across Google and Bing for multiple locations and languages. It tracks rankings in mobile and desktop Google SERPs, as well as Google Maps. The tool updates ranking data every 24 hours.

agencyanalytics ranking dashboard

Besides rank tracker, you can use AgencyAnalytics’s Site Auditor to audit your customers’ websites. The tool showcases critical issues, errors, and warnings on a site, providing the exact URLs of the pages where the problems are spotted.

agencyanalytics site auditor

Another helpful tool AgencyAnalytics has at its disposal is Majestic. It is integrated into the platform by default.

Using Majestic, you can discover your customer’s backlink information. The tool not only displays the total number of backlinks and referring domains but also allows you to examine each referring URL.

Majestic backlink data

With AgencyAnalytics, you can also generate reports and send them to customers under your brand. The reports are comprehensive and fully customizable: you can add or delete sections, change the visual appearance of the blocks, swap the blocks as you like, and much more.

SEO report template

What makes AgencyAnalytics tools different from competitors’, in our opinion, is the ability to integrate other services into the platform. For example, you can integrate Google My Business and monitor your customer’s local insights (number of calls, average rating, number of reviews, and so on).

agencyanalytics integrations

However, the vast majority of the tools you can integrate into the platform aren’t free. For instance, for Moz, you would have to pay an additional $99 to $599 per month.


RankActive is a Ukrainian SEO software company founded in 2014. It offers an all-in-one SEO solution for agencies and freelance experts, providing six advanced SEO tools in one platform. Today, the company has over 1000 clients worldwide and more than 30 employees.

The main advantages of the RankActive platform are:

  • Everything you need in one place (you won’t have to switch between several SEO tools)
  • 24/7 customer support team that replies within a minute
  • Accurate ranking data

With RankActive’s tools, you can track keyword positions across all major search engines, including Google (+Google Maps, Google Mobile, Google News), Bing (+Bing Mobile, Bing Local Pack), Yandex, and Yahoo. They support most world languages and over a hundred thousand locations. RankActive’s tools consider SERP features when calculating ranking data, always providing you with accurate information.

The data is updated every 24 hours; however, you can initiate an update in one click if you need it sooner.

rankactive rank tracker

Besides Rank Tracker, the platform offers other tools you can work with.

Just like AgencyAnalytics, it has Site Auditor, so you can easily audit your customers’ sites. It is similar to AgencyAnalytics’s tool but has several differences, which we will describe in later paragraphs.

RankActive’s Site Auditor rescans websites every 24 hours, but you can scan your site on demand in just one click.

Site Auditor RankActive

RankActive also provides comprehensive reports. You can generate Rank Tracker, Site Auditor, and Google Analytics reports with GoogleDataStudio templates. These reports are interactive and fully customizable. The data in them is updated automatically every 24 hours.

RankActive Report example

As for backlinks, unfortunately, RankActive doesn’t have a tool to analyze backlink data. However, the company’s dev team is currently working on it.

While RankActive doesn’t provide backlink data, it has many other valuable tools that AgencyAnalytics doesn’t have: Keyword Finder, Top Analyzer, and Competitors Inspector.

Keyword Finder allows you to perform keyword research and find thousands of keyword ideas for any term. Using it, you can get ideas from Google Autocomplete, Google Related Searches, Google Ads, and RankActive’s own extensive keyword database.

keyword finder tools

You can then add the keywords you found to Rank Tracker and start monitoring website rankings for them.

Top Analyzer allows you to find your competitors for any search engine and location. All you have to do is type a keyword into the corresponding field, and the tool will provide you with the top 10 websites you compete with for that keyword.

Top Analyzer

You can then add competitor websites to your list and inspect them in the Competitors Inspector. This tool provides traffic insights of your rivals, allows you to compare their rankings with yours, and lets you find ranking keywords of competitor domains.

Competitors Inspector

Value for money

To make things clear, we will compare the most popular mid-tier plans: RankActive’s Optimal plan and AgencyAnalytics’s Agency plan. These plans cost roughly the same, and yet they differ in various aspects.

RankActive AgencyAnalytics
Monthly price $149,99 $149
Websites 25 15
Search engines Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo Google, Bing
Tracked keywords 2500 1500
Mobile rankings
Local rankings
Update frequency Daily Daily
Updates on demand 5 updates per website ✅
SERP features tracking
Reversed rank tracking
Backlink data
Customizable reports
White label
Website audits
Pages crawled in Site Auditor 25,000 30,000
Crawl on demand
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Customer support and one-on-one training
Invited users 25 Unlimited

Now let’s go into more detail.

Rank Tracking

When it comes to rank tracking, RankActive’s tool is more precise. The reason is that it considers SERP features when calculating keyword positions. We already described why it is crucial in our recent blog post on tracking extra SERP elements.

In a nutshell, when a rank tracking tool doesn’t consider SERP features, it provides inaccurate ranking data.

For example, if you rank fifth in organic search for the “how to create a sitemap” keyword, and there is a People Also Ask element between the second and third results, the two tools will display different data. RankActive’s Rank Tracker will show your position as the sixth, while AgencyAnalytics will present it as the fifth. Given that there are dozens of SERP features that steal traffic from organic results, tracking these elements is critical.

Another handy feature RankActive supports is reverse rank tracking. Using Rank Tracker’s Opportunities feature, you can easily find ranking keywords of any website by its domain. It may be highly useful, especially when customers can’t (or don’t want to) provide you with their keyword lists. As you probably know, without such data, you won’t be able to run a pre-sale SEO audit and discover the keywords you can improve website rankings for. The Opportunities feature solves this problem. Unfortunately, AgencyAnalytics doesn’t have a reverse rank tracking tool.

And the last thing — updates on demand. There are cases when you should check keyword rankings more often than every 24 hours: for example, when your customer’s niche is extremely competitive. Using RankActive, you can update rankings for each website in a Plan five times a day. AgencyAnalytics doesn’t support updates on demand.

Website Audits

Both RankActive’s and AgencyAnalytics’s on-page audit tools work in a similar way. They sort on-page errors by importance to let you know which of them are worth your attention.

And yet, these tools are different.

The first difference lies in the issues the tools display. RankActive displays 38 different issues, while AgencyAnalytics showcases 44 on-page errors.

Here are examples of the on-page problems the tools display:

Issue RankActive AgencyAnalytics
4xx,5xx pages
Recursive canonicals
Blocked crawlers by robots.txt
Pages with lorem ipsum
Too many URL parameters
NoFollow attributes in external links

Another difference is that AgencyAnalytics’s Site Auditor enables you to compare audits. You can match your today’s audit with the previous one and see what progress you have made on a site. After that, you can invite your customer to the platform and show them the results.

RankActive’s Site Auditor can do that as well, but you can’t compare results on the platform itself. To show your customer the progress you’ve made, you will have to generate a Site Auditor PDF report for a particular period and send it to them. Unfortunately, these reports aren’t customizable and don’t display all the critical data, such as the number of 4xx pages and 5xx pages, recursive canonical issues, pages with broken links, and various other parameters.

What makes the two website auditing tools different is also that RankActive’s Site Auditor allows you to crawl websites on demand. If you don’t want to wait 24 hours for the on-page data to update, you can initiate a rescan in a click. This feature may be handy, especially when launching a new website or redesigning an old one.

As for AgencyAnalytics’s tool, it doesn’t support such a feature.

It’s also important to note that RankActive provides Lighthouse metrics. Using Lighthouse, you can analyze a website’s performance for mobile and desktop devices and check its scores for Cumulative Layout Shift and Largest Contentful Paint — crucial Core Web Vitals metrics. AgencyAnalytics also supports Lighthouse, but it comes as a separate tool you can integrate.

SEO Reports

When it comes to reports, both tools offer great solutions. RankActive’s and AgencyAnalytics’s reports are customizable and thus can be sent to your customers under your brand. Both of them are also interactive and display real-time data.

What we like about AgencyAnalytics’s reports is that they’re easily created. You literally have to click one button, choose a template, and that’s it — your report is ready. As for RankActive’s reports, it requires basic Google Data Studio knowledge to generate them. Luckily, we have a helpful guide to creating GDS reports step by step.

As regards customization, RankActive’s reports can give you more freedom. For example, AgencyAnalytics doesn’t allow you to rename the report’s metrics. This can be a deal-breaker for some brands.

With RankActive’s GDS reports, you can rename the metrics, add any image to the report (not only your agency’s logo), and much more. Thus, they’re much better for branding purposes.


As said above, RankActive currently doesn’t provide backlink data, so AgencyAnalytics is the winner here.

The Majestic tool integrated into the platform can give you many backlink insights. It displays the total number of backlinks, referring domains, trust flow score, citation flow score, follow and no follow links, link types, anchors, lost and won links, and other data.

You’ll be able to analyze each URL a backlink comes from, see how many links came to your brand-new blog post, estimate the quality of referring domains, and much more. This information will be extremely helpful when optimizing your customers’ websites.

Referring to RankActive, they’re about to develop a backlink analyzer tool pretty soon. However, if you need backlink data here and now, you better opt for AgencyAnalytics.


It’s handy when you can use different SEO tools within one platform. That saves you from opening several tabs in your browser and helps keep your optimization work organized.

With AgencyAnalytics’s integrations, you can integrate over 60 useful tools: Google My Business, Search Console, Amazon Ads, Mailchimp, Moz, Semrush, Brightlocal, and many more. Even though the vast majority of the tools are paid, you can also find many free helpful solutions to integrate into the platform.

Unfortunately, RankActive doesn’t support integrations with other platforms.

Keyword Research

AgencyAnalytics doesn’t provide any tools for keyword research, so the prize goes to RankActive.

As an SEO expert, you know how important keyword research is.

Keywords reflect how your target audience is searching for your business, so by optimizing your site for the right keywords, you’ll make it easier to find.

Besides that, keywords can help you find questions users have in mind so that you can cover them in your content, making it thoughtful and meaningful. We already described how search terms could help you improve website visibility in this blog post on SEO writing.

So when you have access to keyword research tools, you get more opportunities to optimize a website.

RankActive tools not only help you find ideas but also display crucial keyword metrics such as search volume, competition, estimated traffic value, keyword efficiency index, and many more. They will give you a sense of which keywords are easy to optimize for and which are not. That way, you’ll be able to save yourself plenty of time and effort.

Competitor Analysis

RankActive offers two tools for competitor analysis — Top Analyzer and Competitors Inspector. As mentioned above, Top Analyzer can help you find the top 10 competitors for any keyword, language, and location. As for the Competitors Inspector, it allows you to analyze competitors after you find them.

In the Competitors Inspector’s settings, you can even discover competitors in a click by either keywords or domain, which will save you plenty of time.

As for AgencyAnalytics, they don’t provide tools for competitor analysis. To spot your competition, you would have to integrate some expensive tool into the platform (like Semrush, which price starts at $120 a month), paying much more money.

So which platform will better serve your needs?

To answer this question, you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms. As you learned from the paragraphs above, RankActive’s Optimal plan and AgencyAnalytics’s Agency plan are completely different even though they cost the same.



  • Has the Majestic tool integrated into the platform, allowing you to analyze customers’ backlink profiles
  • Provides the opportunity to integrate several tools into the platform
  • Better for local rankings. You can integrate Google My Business or BrightLocal and get local ranking insights
  • Offers customizable and fast-to-create reports
  • Allows you to invite unlimited users to the platform
  • A user is allowed to crawl 30,000 pages in Site Auditor (compared to 25,000 pages in RankActive)


  • Supports only Google and Bing
  • Doesn’t consider most SERP features except featured snippets when calculating positions, which is why it provides inaccurate ranking data
  • Doesn’t support updates on demand in the rank tracking tool
  • Offers only 1,500 keywords to track, while RankActive tracks 2,500 keywords for the same price
  • Doesn’t offer tools for competitor analysis, keyword research, and rank tracking
  • Allows to monitor rankings of 15 websites, while RankActive offers 25 websites for the same price
  • A user can’t initiate website rescan on demand in Site Auditor



  • Supports all major search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo
  • Allows tracking 2,500 keywords and adding 25 websites to the project
  • Considers SERP features when calculating rankings, providing accurate ranking data
  • Has tools for competitor analysis, keyword research, and reverse rank tracking
  • Offers five manual updates per day in Rank Tracker and unlimited crawls on demand in Site Auditor
  • Offers customizable and interactive reports


  • Doesn’t provide backlink data for now
  • No integrations with other platforms
  • You can invite only 25 users to the platform
  • You can crawl 25,000 pages in Site Auditor with RankActive compared to 30,000 in AgencyAnalytics’s tool

Even though the two tools cost roughly the same, they serve different needs. Thus, you have to decide which features you need in your optimization routine and choose the platform based on that decision.

Do you want to track your positions across most major search engines, always get accurate ranking data, update rankings on demand, use reverse rank tracker, perform keyword research and competitor analysis? Then opt for RankActive.

Do you need backlink data, easy-to-create reports, local SEO tools, and the ability to integrate several instruments into one platform? Then your choice should be AgencyAnalytics.

So take some time and choose wisely.

In case you eventually opt for RankActive, create your account and use our tools for 14 days for free!

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