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How to Turn Your SEO Side Hustle Into a Lucrative Business

5 April 2021 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

Many of the most recognized companies once started as small side hustles. Steve Jobs was working night shifts at Atari while building the very first Apple computer in a garage. Mark Zuckerberg was developing Facebook in his spare time while studying at Harvard University. The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was writing code at Odeo […]

Your SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist for 2021

1 March 2021 George Svash Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

How do you feel about your competitors? You probably wish they never existed and dream about the world with no competition. But what if we were to tell you that your competitors can actually help you improve your rankings? Yes, you read it right. Your rivals are a goldmine of useful information that you can […]

Geolocation Redirect 101: How to Secure Your SEO Localization Efforts?

19 February 2021 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO, LOCAL SEO

Having multiple website versions for various locations and languages is good practice for international companies. By displaying content relevant to the visitor’s country and language, they improve user experience and increase conversions, which leads to more sales. That’s why such giants as Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and other successful companies leverage geotargeting in their SEO […]

How to Write SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions That Boost Sales

8 February 2021 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

Product descriptions are like salespeople. The good ones can persuade the buyer to purchase from you, while the bad ones only push them away. According to Salsify’s study, 87% of online shoppers admit product content impacts their purchase decision, and 50% have returned an item they bought because it didn’t match its description. That’s why […]

5 Reasons Why Your Mobile App Needs an SEO Strategy

5 February 2021 George Svash Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

You’ve spent months building the perfect app for your website or business. With the help of your team, you’ve developed a strong understanding of what your customers want from your app. Also, you know exactly which features are going to help you to stand out from the crowd in a competitive environment. But there’s still […]

A Non-Technical SEO Guide to Lighthouse Metrics

1 February 2021 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

Lighthouse is a useful SEO tool that evaluates the quality of websites by different metrics. It provides valuable tips on improving user experience on a page and can help you get a sense of how Google perceives your website. But there is one problem. All Lighthouse metrics are too technical, so most SEOs who aren’t […]