The project is no longer supported, registration of new users is closed, all subscriptions will be canceled on December 31, 2023. Thank you for being with us all this time!


Rank Tracker

Put your SEO efforts on track and watch the daily ranking changes across all your campaigns and websites. With RankActive's Rank Tracker, you will be able to discover new ranking keywords, effectively measure online visibility, and compile data-driven reports in just a few clicks.

Website Analytics

Get the power of Google Analytics right in your RankActive account. After a quick integration, you will be able to easily incorporate in-depth traffic insights, content analytics, e-commerce overview, and numerous performance metrics into your SEO reports.

Competitors Inspector

See how you stand against the competition by analyzing your online rivals' traffic, rankings, and keywords. By providing an in-depth look into any website's online visibility, RankActive's Competitors Inspector will help you withstand even the toughest competition.

Site Auditor

Check how well-optimized your website really is for search engines and your users. By providing speed insights, response codes, metatags, and content analytics, RankActive's Site Auditor brings even the most technical on-site ranking factors into the palm of your hand.

Top Analyzer

This feature will let you discover the competition for your targeted keywords and pages. Our algorithm will analyze the corresponding SERP pages and produce a list of competing websites and relevant information.

Keyword Finder

Featuring five research algorithms, RankActive's Keyword Finder is one of the most comprehensive keyword tools in the market. Use it to expand your keyword list with long-tail ideas and segment keywords by accurate and up-to-date metrics.

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