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4 Cool Things You Can Do With RankActive

2 June 2021 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

4 cool things you can do with rankactive

What to make the most out of RankActive? Here are four cool things you can do with our SEO toolkit.

#1 Discover ranking keywords for any domain with reverse rank tracking

Reverse rank tracking

As an SEO expert, you probably know that having keyword lists with ranking data is essential for running initial SEO audits. Before you start optimizing any website, you need to analyze its current positions in order to understand which keywords rank well and which not. After that, you can showcase a website’s weak points to a prospect and offer a solution to their problem.

Yet, it happens quite often that you stumble across customers who can’t or don’t want to provide you with their ranking data. Without access to your client’s Search Console, you can’t collect their ranking keywords, and without their ranking keywords, you won’t be able to analyze their website and find what can be improved.

So what would you do?

Of course, you could visit Google Ads, extract keywords from there, manually google each one of them, and exclude those that don’t rank anywhere. After that, you could make a list of ranking keywords and add the current position of each keyword. However, this approach has two significant drawbacks:

  • It takes too long, especially if you are dealing with a huge website
  • Ranking data changes hourly, so your list will lose its relevance pretty soon

Luckily, there is a simpler solution to such a problem.

Reverse rank tracking is the process of finding a website’s ranking keywords by its domain. To discover them, you would need a reverse rank tracking tool that could match the given domain against URLs in search results and provide a complete list of ranking keywords.

With Rank Tracker’s Opportunities, you can discover ranking keywords for any domain in just a few seconds.

Simply add the desired domain to your projects and visit the Opportunities section.

RankActive Opportunities

Along with a list of ranking keywords, the tool will provide additional keyword metrics, including search volume, competition, cost-per-click, and estimated traffic value. You can then export the data and use it to analyze your customer’s website.

Having this tool at your disposal will bring your optimization routine to a new level.

Find ranking keywords without access to your customer’s Search Console

You won’t have to beg your customers to provide you access to their Search Console before signing a contract. Simply add their domain to RankActive and retrieve the full list of their ranking keywords in less than a minute.

Analyze competitors

Having competitors’ ranking data will allow you to figure out best practices they use and implement them on your customer’s website. Yet, you can’t directly contact your client’s rivals, asking them for their keyword lists. That’s when RankActive’s Opportunities again comes in handy. Using this feature, you will easily discover competitors’ ranking keywords along with essential keyword metrics.

Stay informed about new ranking keywords

As you start creating content for your client’s website, it will begin to rank for new keywords. With RankActive’s Opportunities, you will be able to see for which new keywords your customer’s website started ranking. You can then focus on some of these keywords, improving your client’s visibility in SERP.

To give your customer an even bigger boost in website visibility, you can also analyze historical search volume data and find keywords their competitors have overlooked.

#2 Find keywords your competitors overlooked with historical search volume data

Finding keyword ideas with historical search volume data

Which metrics do you consider when deciding what keywords to optimize a website for? We bet you first look at relevancy and search volume. If a given keyword is relevant, you then inspect its search volume to get a sense of how much traffic the keyword may bring and whether it’s worth your attention. We also bet you skip keywords with low search volumes as there is no point in optimizing for them, right?

Well, you should be careful with that.

You see, most SEO tools will provide you with average search volume data. However, it isn’t enough when it comes to seasonal keywords.

While seasonal keywords have low average search volume, the number of searches for them dramatically increases during certain months. But without access to historical data, you can’t be sure whether a given term is seasonal, and if it is, when it attracts the highest number of searches.

That’s why it’s crucial to look at search volume history when choosing keywords for SEO.

With RankActive’s Keyword Finder, you can analyze the historical search volume of any term.

Let’s take the “Gadgets every woman needs” query, for example. As you can see in the screenshot below, its average search volume is 260, which is pretty low.

However, if you click on the checkmark icon, you will notice that the value skyrockets to 1000 in December.

If you didn’t pay attention to historical data, you would have just skipped this keyword, believing it isn’t worth your attention. But with Keyword Finder, you know that the given query is seasonal and may bring you decent traffic during the winter holidays.

Access to historical data gives you a competitive advantage, helping you easily find seasonal keywords and discover when exactly their search volume increases. Thus, you will likely find many keyword ideas your competitors have overlooked and improve your website visibility by optimizing for them.

That’s why it’s so critical to use advanced SEO tools when optimizing websites. While giving you an edge over the competition, they also save plenty of time, reducing the amount of monotonous work. For example, RankActive can help you create comprehensive reports with automatically updated data.

#3 Create interactive and customizable reports

How much time do you spend creating reports? If you still do it manually, odds are it takes a while to collect all critical data and accommodate it in your report.

So why not automate this process?

With new RankActive reports, you can save yourself plenty of time, reducing the amount of manual work.

Generated in just a few clicks with all essential information included, our reports are fully customizable and interactive. The data in them is updated automatically every 24 hours, enabling your customers to regularly check what’s going on with their sites.

Currently, you can create three reports:

  • Rank Tracker report provides website ranking data
  • Site Auditor report displays information regarding on-page SEO issues
  • Analytics report shows a website’s traffic insights from Google Analytics

Each of these reports can simplify your working routine.

Give your customers peace of mind

As an experienced SEO expert, you probably encounter customers who ask you too many questions. They contact you every single day, asking, “What is happening with my rankings?”, “How many on-page issues have you fixed today?”, and so on.

To give such customers peace of mind and dramatically decrease the number of questions they ask, use RankActive’s interactive reports. Next time a client asks you what is happening with their rankings, you can provide them access to a report in just a few clicks.

Customize any report metric however you want

Not all customers understand SEO jargon, so some of the report metrics may be confusing to them. With that in mind, we made our reports fully customizable, allowing you to change any metric however you want.

For example, if you‘re sure that a particular customer doesn’t know what “Estimated traffic value” is, you can just rename the metric to make it easier for them to understand.

Again, that will save you from having to answer too many questions.

Add your own logo to a report

Most SEO tools enable you to generate reports and send them to your customers. However, you often can’t replace their logo with your own. And if you send your customer a report with a logo of some company they have never heard about, they may stop trusting you. That’s why it’s always a good idea to send reports with your own logo.

WIth RankActive, you can send reports with your business name and logo on them. If it isn’t enough, you can also use our whole platform under your own brand.

#4 Use our platform under your own brand

Having your own SEO platform is prestigious and can increase customer trust. However, the development can be time-consuming and expensive, so most SEO agencies opt to use ready-made solutions. The problem here is that many platforms aren’t customizable, so you can’t use them under your own brand.

That is what makes RankActive different.

With RankActive’s White-Label feature, you can customize our entire platform and let your customers and coworkers use it under your corporate subdomain, logo, and custom login page.

Create your subdomain

You can replace app.rankactive.com with your own subdomain in White Label settings.

That will give your customers a feeling they’re using a custom SEO platform, which will increase their trust in your results.

Replace the RankActive’s logo with your own

To make the platform look like it belongs to your company, don’t forget to select your custom logo. To ensure it looks great, we recommend using png images with the size of 450×70 pixels.

Design your login page with a custom description

Thus, even when your customers will be logging in to the platform, they will see your company’s logo and description instead of RankActive’s.


While being one of the cheapest solutions on the market, RankActive’s toolkit gives you much more than other SEO tools. Using our platform, you can:

  • Discover ranking keywords of any domain on the web
  • Find keywords your competitors may have overlooked with historical search volume
  • Create interactive reports with automatically updated data, saving yourself from monotonous work
  • Customize the RankActive platform to give your customers a feeling they’re using your custom SEO tools, increasing their loyalty and trust to your brand

And the best part, you can sign up to RankActive right now and use our tools for 14 days for free. So why hesitate? Create your account today and try our toolkit for two weeks without paying a penny!

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