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How to Leverage Seasonal Keywords for Christmas SEO

15 December 2020 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO, KEYWORD RESEARCH

How to Leverage Seasonal Keywords for Christmas SEO
Christmas is around the corner. People are busy decorating houses, planning holiday meals, and buying presents for their loved ones. The Christmas spirit is filling the air, and all we want is to sit back, relax, and put off our working routines. 

However, it’s better not to do that. 

During the festive season, consumers’ purchase intent is extremely high. According to the Ascent study, the average consumer expenses on Christmas gifts reached 928.76$ last year. It’s crazy, but some people are even willing to go into debt just to buy presents for their friends, relatives, and significant others.

That’s why you shouldn’t pause your optimization efforts even on holidays. On the contrary, it’s just the right time to roll up your sleeves and focus on Christmas SEO to attract some ready-to-buy visitors.

In this blog post, we’ll share useful tips on leveraging seasonal keywords for website optimization. We’ll show you how to find hundreds of Christmas terms that you can use to increase your website’s traffic and make more money.

1. Find Christmas-themed seed keywords for your niche

Seed keywords are the foundation of keyword research. They are like snowflakes that can help you build a snowman if you use them correctly. 

You’ve probably done keyword research already, so you should know what your seed keywords are. You can modify them by adding holiday-related words such as Christmas, holiday, gifts, presents, ideas, and so on. 

Say you own a tech blog. That means your seed keywords might be tech and gadgets. If you add the holiday-related words mentioned above, you will create Christmas-themed seed terms: for example, tech presents, tech gift ideas, gadgets for Christmas, holiday tech gifts, and so on.

If it isn’t enough, you can find additional ideas with Google Trends. Search for your topic to discover the keywords trending in your country right now.

Google trending searches

Google Trends will also provide you with topics related to your niche. You can find seed keywords for each topic and then use them to generate even more keyword ideas in the future.

You can also click on any keyword from the list and see its interest over time. For example, the fun tech gifts term starts generating interest in November and peaks in December.

keyword's interest over time

That means the given term is seasonal and appropriate for Christmas content.

As you may have noticed, most Christmas-related seed keywords are pretty obvious. You could have brainstormed them without Google Trends or our hints. But what next? Do you know how to use seed terms to expand your seasonal keyword list and discover keywords you’d have never thought of before? 


Continue reading then. We’re about to show you how to build a snowman.

2. Expand your keyword list

build a snowman with your seed keywords

Once you’ve collected seed keywords, it’s time to expand your keyword list. Since seed terms usually have high search volumes, they are also very competitive and hard to rank for. If you want to have a higher chance to rank well, we suggest you find additional seasonal keywords with less competition. 

There are three ways to do it.

Extract some ideas from Google Suggestions

Google is like Santa. Even though it doesn’t put presents under your Christmas tree, it can at least give you some keyword ideas.

Just type your seed keyword into the search box to see what the search engine has in store.

Google suggestions

However, Google is a greedy Santa, so don’t expect more than eight suggestions at one time. If you want more, it’s better to switch to advanced SEO tools such as RankActive’s Keyword Finder. Using its Keyword suggestions feature, you can easily find the suggestions available for any search term. The tool will add letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) after the original keyword and provide you with the full list of possible variants in which this keyword is included.

Let’s type tech gifts to see how many ideas we can get.

RankActive's keyword suggestions

The tool gave us 255 suggestions. Since our seed term is seasonal, most of the suggestions we got are seasonal as well. We can either add them to our project or export them for later use.

Make good use of related keywords

As you probably know, Google has the Searches related to snippet. It’s designed for people who couldn’t find what they were looking for. Google suggests related queries at the end of the page so that users can modify their original terms and try their luck with new keywords. 

The searches related to snippet can be a good source of seasonal keywords. If you type a seasonal term into the search bar, most of the related queries in that snippet will be seasonal as well.  

Let’s type tech gifts and scroll the page down.

related searches in Google

Google yet again provided us with eight ideas. 

Even if we repeat the same with many seed keywords and get eight related terms for each of them, it will still be too little. So let’s get back to the Keyword Finder tool and see what we can do with it. 

Using the Related keywords feature, we can find much more than eight related terms.

Keyword's finder Related keywords feature

The tool provided us with a hundred ideas. And what’s more important, some of them are not obvious, so you might not have thought of them yourself (e.g., gifts for tech geeks, gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing, gadgets every woman needs).

Moreover, this tool also shows the average search volume every related keyword has. For example, gifts for tech geeks has an average SV of 320 only.

average search volume

However, if you click on that blue ✓ icon, you will discover that its search volume reaches 1600 in December.

search volume peaks in December

That means the given term is seasonal and can be used for driving Christmas traffic.

You can do the same with any related keyword to check if it’s seasonal or not. That will enable you to filter the terms out and build your Christmas keyword list on real data with no guesswork. 

Get thousands of ideas with the Similar keywords feature

Hungry for more? What if we tell you there is a way to find more than a thousand keywords for a seed term? It is possible with the Similar keywords feature. If you type tech gifts into the corresponding field, you will find 1035 additional ideas.

Similar Keywords feature

This tool uses a full-text search against our huge keyword database; that’s why it can provide you with so many results. It also enables you to discover keywords’ search volumes over time, so you can quickly figure out which terms are seasonal and not. 

Now our keyword research is done. Let’s filter the terms out and choose the most interesting ones.  

3. Choose the most interesting keyword ideas

the most interesting keyword ideas

Analyzing hundreds of keywords helped us make a list of interesting ideas for the tech gifts term.

Keyword Average search volume Search volume in December
Gifts for tech geeks 320 1600
Gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing 880 3600
Gadgets every woman needs 140 320
Gifts for 85 year old man 720 2900
Gifts for the man who has everything under $25 390 1900
Electronic gadgets gifts for him 260 1300
Modern technology gifts 170 1000
Insanely cool gadgets 720 1300
Expensive tech gifts 260 1000
Fun tech gifts 320 1600
Geeky tech gifts 320 1600
Cool technology gadgets 720 1600
Modern tech gifts 170 1000
Latest gadgets in market 590 1600

As you can see, all these terms have low average search volumes. Webmasters who don’t know their SV increases dramatically in December would overlook them, so you will have even higher chances to rank well for these keywords. That’s exactly how advanced SEO tools can give you a competitive advantage and help you improve your rankings.

Now that you’ve expanded your keyword list, it’s time to drive and monetize seasonal traffic.

4. Create and monetize your Christmas content

There are plenty of ways to make money off a tech blog. For example, you can leverage affiliate marketing. It is one of the most profitable monetization methods, especially during the festive season when people are looking for presents for their loved ones.

Using the keywords from the table above, you can develop many ideas to create content and promote affiliate products. For example:

  • What Most Men Secretly Want: 5 Best Electronic Gadgets Gifts for Him;
  • Latest Gadgets in the Market: 7 Modern Tech Gifts That Will Impress Anyone;
  • The Best Gift for Her: Top15 Gadgets Every Woman Needs;
  • 7 Cheap But Insanely Cool Gadgets For 2020.

You got the idea.

Choose whatever topic you like, find appropriate affiliate products, and make a blog post about them. If you manage to drive enough traffic, money won’t take long to come. 

However, creating content isn’t enough. You should also monitor its performance to find out which SEO practices work best for you and which ones are harming your optimization efforts.

To do that automatically, use advanced SEO tools like RankActive’s Rank Tracker.

Ranking overview: performance indicators

In the Ranking overview section, you will find info on your website’s overall performance. You can click on any metric and receive more detailed information. For example, if you click on Keyword Change, you will find keywords that won and lost their positions during the specified period (a month by default).

keywords won and lost

That will enable you to respond quickly to any changes in your website’s rankings. 

You can also visit the Detailed view section and discover who outranked you for any targeted keyword: 

1. Just click on the loupe icon near the desired term.

detailed view section

2. And see the actual search results for that day.

actual SERP results for the given term

And that’s only the tip of an iceberg. In fact, the Rank Tracker tool is capable of much more, so don’t hesitate to try it out.


Christmas is a great time for making money. People are extremely easy to sell to on the festive season, so focus on your SEO to drive visitors with high purchase intent. 

We hope you enjoyed our blog post and learned how to leverage seasonal keywords for Christmas SEO. For those of you who are lazy to read the whole article, we’ll summarize everything we said above:

  • turn your seed keywords into Christmas-related seed terms;
  • use them to generate more keyword ideas;
  • check the keywords you found in advanced SEO tools to make sure they are seasonal;
  • choose the most appropriate terms to use in your content;
  • create content and start monitoring its performance to discover which SEO strategies work best in your case.

And the last tip for today: invest in advanced SEO tools. They will help you automate many optimization routines, saving your time and effort. 

Many webmasters prefer RankActive’s tools as they’re affordable, handy, and extremely useful. Try them out and see it for yourself. Create your account right now and use our tools for 14 days for free


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