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Keyword·com (SerpBook) vs SerpFox: the Best Rank Tracking Tool for 2020-2021

26 November 2020 Philip Volna Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

keyword.com vs serpfox

Rank tracking is a crucial part of any SEO strategy in 2020. By constantly monitoring your website’s positions for target keywords, you can discover which SEO techniques work well and which are damaging your optimization efforts. That will enable you to find the best practices and implement them for ranking purposes.

However, it’s better not to track website positions manually. First of all, bigger websites can rank for thousands of keywords, so monitoring them by hand would take hours. Secondly, when googling keywords, you get personalized results based on the browser’s history, your preferences, location, and other parameters. 

That’s why experienced SEOs prefer using advanced SERP tracking tools. They help automate the monitoring process and get depersonalized results for any search engine, location, and language. 

In this blog post, we’ll compare two popular rank tracking tools — Keyword·com (prev. SerpBook) and SerpFox. We will demonstrate what they’re capable of, describe their features, look at their prices, and see if they provide any customer support services. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the best rank tracker tool for 2020 that meets your expectations and fits your budget. 

Keyword·com and SerpFox review: which tool is better

Both Keyword·com (SerpBook) and SerpFox tools have free trials, so you can test them properly before subscribing to any plan. Keyword·com offers a 7-day trial, letting you track up to a hundred keywords and use the same number of daily ranking updates. SerpFox’s free period is unlimited; however, you can track no more than ten keywords. 

Now let’s compare the user interfaces of these tools. 

Here is Keyword·com’s dashboard:

keyword.com rank trackerAnd here is how SerpFox’s interface looks like:

SerpFox Rank Tracker

We find Keyword·com’s interface more appealing and intuitive. It’s also unclear why SerpFox has two Add keywords buttons, which do the same thing. Nevertheless, both interfaces are pretty informative and provide useful data. 

These tools can show changes in your website’s current positions over time, along with search volume values of each keyword. Keyword·com also displays the exact URL ranking for a specific keyword and can track YouTube video positions and website rankings in Google Local Maps. SerpFox isn’t capable of that, but it shows the search engine, location, and platform you’ve specified when adding keywords. Unfortunately, its interface doesn’t have the refresh button, so you have to wait for a day for rankings to update.

What we don’t like is that both SERP trackers don’t provide users with other useful keyword metrics like CPC, KEI, ETV, and competition. Also, neither Keyword·com nor SerpFox can automatically generate keywords your website is already ranking for. To track your positions, you have to make a keyword list first and then manually add all the terms to your project, which is quite inconvenient.

Now that we described both rank trackers in detail, it’s time to look at additional features they provide. 

Additional features

additional features

Keyword·com (SerpBook) rank tracker has various extra features:

  • Site-auditor (it helps in finding on-page issues);
  • scheduled reports in TXT, PDF, or CSV;
  • SERP notifications tool (you can set up notifications to track any changes in your website’s rankings);
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • SerpBook API (enables you to integrate tool’s data into your own application);
  • White Label);
  • ViewKey link (allows you to share project results with anyone).

As for SerpFox, it also has some additional functionality:

  • scheduled reports in PDF, HTML, or CSV;
  • email notifications;
  • client management (lets you add clients to your project);
  • SERP white-labeled tool.

As you can see, Keyword·com’s functionality is much richer. This SERP tracking tool has its own API, site-auditor feature, Google Analytics integration, and supports white label. SerpFox misses all of this except for white label. But maybe it provides better customer support service? Let’s find out.

Customer support service

customer support

Both companies provide customer support services. Keyword·com has an online support team that responds to users’ inquiries on the website, while SerpFox’s employees reply via email. However, if you look through SerpFox’s pricing, you will find out they provide “premium” support for paying subscribers only.

pricing SerpFox

Maybe they have an online support team too, or perhaps they reply faster when you bring them money. It’s unclear what Premium Support means, so we are left guessing. 

As for the response time, keyword·com’s support reps take way too long to respond. To get any assistance, you have to wait the entire day.

keyword.com reply time

Moreover, it’s their usual reply time, so it’s possible you will be left waiting for even longer. 

Concerning SerpFox, it’s unknown how much time they need to read your message and provide assistance. We find their “email” approach inconvenient compared with their competitors. 

In our opinion, both companies should improve their customer support service. If they do provide better assistance for paying subscribers, then there is no way to know what support you’ll get until you buy a subscription. We think this info should be available for any user, no matter if they’re free or paid.

Nevertheless, let’s find out how much we have to pay to use these tools.



When we decide what service to use, we often base our decisions on its cost. Additional features and rich functionality is great, but not when we have to overpay for it. 

So let’s look at SERP tracking tools’ prices to see if they’re reasonable. 

Keyword·com offers three packages — Starter, Beginner, and Agency.

keyword.com packages

The only difference among them lies in the number of keywords you can track and daily ranking updates you can use. For 24$ per month, you can monitor up to 100 keywords and use 100 updates. For 97$, you can track up to 500 keywords and use the same number of refreshes. And for 179$, your limit reaches 1500 keywords and updates. 

That’s pretty expensive, and as you’ll learn soon, SerpFox’s pricing is more reasonable. Also, 1500 keywords is too little for an SEO agency. However, the company offers larger custom packages on demand.

We wonder how expensive they would be, but 179$ for 1500 keywords is too much anyway. For example, RankActive enables you to track up to 2500 keywords for 69.95$ only. But we’ll get to RankActive’s tools later. 

As for now, let’s look at SerpFox’s prices. 

This company provides 15 packages.

SerpFox packages

The cheapest plan (Starter 100) lets you track up to 100 keywords for 10$ per month. As for the most expensive package (Agency 60000), it enables you to track up to 60,000 keywords for 900$/month. Also, note that client management and white label features are available for Pro 1000 and higher plans only. 

As you can see, SerpFox’s tool is much cheaper than Keyword’s com:

  • 100 keywords tracking — 10$ in SerpFox vs 24$ in Keyword·com;
  • 500 keyword tracking — 35$  vs 97$;
  • to track 1500 keywords, you have to pay 179$, while SerpFox enables you to monitor 2500 terms for 100$ only.

Now you’ve learned what Keyword·com (SerpBook) is capable of, what opportunities SerpFox provides, and how much both tools cost. So it’s just the right time to sum everything up.


It’s hard to say which tool is better. Keyword·com most certainly provides more opportunities and has an appealing interface. However, SerpFox is much cheaper, and that is a huge deal-breaker.

Keyword·com Serpfox
Interface ✔️
Functionality ✔️
Additional features ✔️
Responsive customer support service
Reasonable pricing ✔️

So, if you need functionality and don’t care about prices, use Keyword·com. But if fancy features are not necessary and you just want to track your website’s positions for a reasonable price, SerpFox will be a better solution.

This is where our Keyword·com (SerpBook) and SerpFox review ends. Now it’s up to you to decide which tool to choose. But don’t hurry because you haven’t heard about RankActive’s rank tracker yet.  

RankActive: all in one SEO tool

RankActive best rank tracking tool

If you’ve never used our rank tracking tool, you’re probably wondering what makes it different.  So let us explain. 

First of all, our tool can automatically find keywords for you. If you don’t know what keywords your website is ranking for, the Opportunities feature will help you discover them. 

Specify your domain, choose the desirable search engine in the settings, and then go to Opportunities to see some magic happen.

Opportunities feature

You can tick all these keywords at once and add them to your project. It’s much faster and easier than adding them manually. 

After that, our tool will start monitoring added keywords. You can then visit the Rankings Overview or Detailed View sections to see what’s happening with your website’s positions. If you don’t want to wait for automatic ranking updates, just click the Update Rankings button, and all the info will be refreshed.

Detailed Overview

As for the Ranking Overview section, it will provide you with the following data: 

  • the estimated traffic value;
  • your website’s visibility in SERP; 
  • how many ranked pages you have; 
  • how many keywords won and lost positions within the selected period; 
  • how many terms are ranking in TOP100, 
  • the average keyword position.

performance indicators

You can click on any parameter to see more detailed information. For example, if you click on Keyword Change, our tool will show the exact keywords that won and lost positions.

won/lost chart

Just click on Won, Lost, or No Changes to see the keywords hidden there.

won lost keywords

Also, RankActive’s rank tracker can provide you with more keyword metrics than Keyword·com and SerpFox. In addition to search volume, you will see competition, CPC, KEI, ETV, and traffic cost metrics.

keyword metrics

What’s more, you can also track your website’s visibility in extra SERP elements (knowledge graphs, featured snippets, people also ask sections, and so on) with SERP Supervisor. 

As you can see, our rank tracker is much more functional than Keyword·com and SerpFox put together. And you are not yet familiar with the additional features it provides.

RankActive’s additional features

Besides the rank tracker, we also have extra features that are extremely useful for SEOs and marketers:

  1. Analytics presents information from Google Analytics in a more intuitive way.
  2. Competitors Inspector is capable of tracking keywords automatically on competitor sites, analyzing their traffic and visibility.
  3. Site Auditor checks your website for on-page SEO issues and enables you to track its performance for desktop and mobile devices.
  4. Top Analyzer can provide you with TOP10 websites that are ranking for a particular keyword. It can help you understand who your competitors are and analyze their SERP snippets.
  5. Keyword Finder is indispensable for keyword research. It will find plenty of keyword suggestions, related terms, and similar keywords for your website.
  6. Reports tool enables you to create fully-customizable and interactive reports in Google Data Studio.
  7. Notification Manager can send email notifications whenever your website’s positions change. 
  8. Access management allows multiple team members to work on a single project. By using it, you won’t have to create additional accounts and spend extra money. 
  9. White label will help you bind your subdomain to the account, change our platform’s logo to your own, and create a custom description. Your clients will be using our platform under your brand, which will help you build customer loyalty.
  10. Rank Checker API provides all the necessary data for building your own SERP tracking tool.

And the best thing about these features is that they’re included in the rank tracker’s price. That means you don’t have to pay extra. As for prices, we’ll discuss them in a minute, but now let us say a few words about our customer support team.

RankActive’s customer support

We aim to make our customers happy, and that is impossible without a knowledgeable support team. We hire kind, polite, and responsive people who can assist our clients whenever they need help.  

Our support team is available 24/7 and replies within a minute. You can get assistance directly on the website, so there is no need to send emails or make calls. However, if you prefer voice chat, our customer success manager can schedule a call with you and resolve all the issues you might have. 

And all of this is available for a reasonable price.

RankActive’s pricing

We offer four plans — Minimal, Optimal, Ultimate, and Flexible.

our pricing

The Minimal plan (29.95$) enables you to create five projects and track 250 keywords in five search engines. You can also scan 5000 pages on Site Auditor, watch five competitors in Competitors Inspector, and use the Top Analyzer tool. You are allowed to invite ten users to your project and set three notification triggers using the Notification Manager. However, one-on-one training, spell checker in Site Auditor, and the white label feature are not available in this plan.

The optimal plan (69.95$) includes on-on-one training, spell checker, and white label. The only difference between the Optimal and higher plans lies in how many different parameters are available:

  1. Optimal — 25 projects, 2500 keywords, 5 search engines, 15000 pages crawled, 10 competitors tracked, 25 invited users, 10 notification triggers.
  2. Ultimate (149.95$) — 50 projects, 7500 keywords, 10 search engines, 50000 pages crawled, 20 competitors tracked, 100 invited users, 25 notification triggers. 

As for the Flexible plan, you can set it up yourself. Specify the number of projects, keywords, search engines, pages crawled, competitors, invited users, notification triggers, and your price will change accordingly. 

You can also switch to a yearly plan and save 15%.

Why RankActive’s tools are one of the best on the market

RankActive = Success

Let’s summarize everything we said above. So what makes RankActive’s tools one of the best on the SEO market?

  1. Our rank tracker is the most functional. It also provides more useful info than Keyword·com’s and SerpFox’s tools. 
  2. We offer ten additional features for the price of one.
  3. Our customer support team is available 24/7. It is also fast to respond: you will get a reply within a minute.
  4. Our prices are more than reasonable for the tools we offer. 

Just like Keyword·com and Serpfox, we have a free trial, so you can get familiar with how to use our tools before paying for them. Create your account and use RankActive for 14 days for free. No credit card is needed!

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