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How to keep an eye on brand mentions

9 December 2016 rankactive Leave a comment SEO topics

Business reputation is something that you should consider more than anything else. It is that necessary little puzzle piece which will have a huge impact on a number of your customers and amount of your income. And it is not only your, let’s say, offline reputation. In the world of technology development, your online image […]

Google mobile: new index. What’s next?

11 November 2016 rankactive Leave a comment SEO topics

Mobile fuzzbuzz becomes louder every day. Google is the main character in this mobile play. The biggest search engine does everything to fire up the situation about it more. So the news about mobile index shouldn’t make experienced SEOs life harder, especially after they have survived after mobilegedon and AMP implementation.

What is AMP and how it will impact rankings

2 November 2016 Olga Svetchkar Leave a comment SEO topics

Mobile devices gain more and more popularity. More and more users prefer to use them for viewing websites. The benefit of mobile internet usage is obvious: the information is available everywhere where the internet signal can be caught. Nevertheless, there are problems with the internet connection when mobile internet is used. As you know, the […]

Should SEOs keep tracking keywords rankings?

21 October 2016 Olga Svetchkar Leave a comment SEO topics

Tracking keywords rankings is one of the common and pretty old standard practice of those who call themselves SEOs. It became so obvious to do such work that almost everyone stopped to care if it is really needed. Also, there are lots of experts who do it as “it should be done” basing on the […]

5 tools to monitor your site’s load speed

13 October 2016 Olga Svetchkar Leave a comment SEO topics

Website loading time is a very significant parameter for the estimating of its performance. It allows you to see how fast your resource is loaded and how immediate it reacts on users actions. Such statistics data gives a possibility to optimize your website and track the results of changes. It may be necessary to monitor […]

Agile methodology in SEO: ultimate guide and how to

6 October 2016 Olga Svetchkar Leave a comment SEO topics

SEO challenges are the hardest ones not only for newbies but for the experts as well. Sometimes those methods you’ve been using for ages don’t bring the results you are willing to get. Maybe it is just perfect time for your SEO team to start using Agile principles. After reading the post you will see […]

What KPI you should show to your SEO customers

29 September 2016 rankactive Leave a comment SEO topics

In the SEO sphere, you should be 100% sure that you will always have something to do. After spending months of work, sometimes even very hard work, may not bring results that a specialist or a website owner wishes to see. To evaluate if all the work was done as it should be done, it […]

Google Search Console: everything you need to know about

22 September 2016 Olga Svetchkar Leave a comment SEO topics

Google Search Console is a multifunctional tool which can help to solve a huge amount of tasks. It helps to find and eliminate technical errors and defects on a website, work on its optimization, monitor the visibility of it and see how a project is represented in  Google  SERP. Let’s try to figure out how […]

Is your website mobile-friendly? Tools to analyze

15 September 2016 Olga Svetchkar Leave a comment SEO topics

Everyone cares about SEO nowadays. And it is almost impossible to find a person that doesn’t know how important it is to build and promote a website for business. For the last few weeks, there are more and more talks about “mobile-friendliness” of websites. Why it became so important and how to find out if […]

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