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AI Revolution and SEO: How to Optimize for RankBrain in 2018

26 December 2017 George Svash Leave a comment SEO topics

User experience is now more important than ever before. There’s nothing like unwrapping the cutting edge iPhone X or MacBook Pro. No wonder the same applies to websites. Imagine you could get the answer to any question instantly. Imagine that you open up the first result in SERP and see well-written content that perfectly fulfills […]

The Step-by-Step Guide to Optimizing for Voice Search

13 November 2017 George Svash Leave a comment SEO topics

The digital age is moving at the speed of light and voice search is not a cutting-edge technology; things that seemed very sophisticated and innovative suddenly became mainstream. A lot of you probably talked to your digital assistant today to inquire the weather forecast or set the alarm.

Social Networks: How to Use Them to Improve SEO

5 September 2017 Olga Svetchkar Leave a comment SEO topics

Do you use social media to improve your SEO game plan? If not, we highly recommend you to include this powerful approach into your short-term strategy. In fact, in today’s extremely socialized world Facebook and Twitter are just as vital for businesses as Google and Bing. Moreover, nowadays social media marketing and search engine optimization […]

Featured Snippets: How to Rank for Them?

16 August 2017 George Svash Leave a comment SEO topics

Over the past several years Google has been improving the way it displays search results. We’ve witnessed the significant shift towards the advanced usability and enhanced user experience. On the other hand, some of the newest Google’s developments have offset some conventional SEO practices, opening up new opportunities. One of the latest stands out as […]