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SERP Supervisor: How to Track a Website’s Positions in SERP Features

20 October 2020 Edward G. Leave a comment WHAT'S NEW

SERP Supervisor

Getting a website to the TOP on Google’s results page is crucial. Every webmaster wants to climb to the highest position, stay there forever, drive lots of traffic, and make dollars with no effort. However, dominating organic results is not enough anymore.

Here is some statistics to prove this point:

According to Rand Fishkin, only 41,45% of all searches in Google result in an organic click. In fact, almost 49% of all searches end up with no clicks at all, so higher rankings don’t always guarantee more traffic.

Wondering why it is so? That is pretty much the consequence of SERP features — additional results that appear in SERP and don’t apply to organic results. Many of them already have answers to users’ queries; therefore, there is no need to click elsewhere anymore.

For example, if we type “what is the height of the Eiffel Tower,” we will get the answer box responding to our question.

answer box

This element steals traffic from organic results, so even if your website were in the first position for the above-mentioned keyword, you shouldn’t expect too many visitors to come from it.

However, most of these SERP elements are clickable and may bring traffic to your site. For example, if we type “top rated wine fridge,” we will get the featured snippet.

featured snippet

Users can click on the link and visit the website that appears in it. That’s why showing up in such elements is profitable. If you manage to do it continually, not only will you bring more traffic but also increase your brand awareness. That may ultimately result in more sales.

That’s why you shouldn’t sleep on SERP elements

To help you understand and manage them, we designed a new feature called SERP Supervisor. It’s comprehensible, handy, and easy to use.

What you can do with it

SERP Supervisor will show you how many keywords appear in SERP features and which of these features your site shows up in. Just login to your account, go to “Rank Tracker,” then click on “SERP Supervisor” and select the desired search engine.


This is the result for forbes.com. There are 1540 keywords for this website that we are tracking:

  1. Nineteen of them appear in the answer box.
  2. One hundred forty-two show up in the featured snippet.
  3. One hundred eighty-five appear in the images section.
  4. Ten keywords are visible in the local pack.

As you can see, most search terms show up in “people also ask” (490 of 1540) and video (521 of 1540) sections. That means these sections are the most competitive for the keywords we have added to our project.

To get more specific information, scroll the page down.

results in SERP Supervisor

Below the chart, you will see the exact keywords along with their positions and SERP elements they appear in. Sort them to get more specific results.

how to sort out SERP Elements

Let’s keep it “all” for now.

There are plenty of keywords but let’s choose the “who has the best vacuum cleaner”. It appears only in the “people also ask” section. As you may already know, this section always has four results. Let’s click on the icon to see them.

people also ask result

Here is what we got.

people also ask result

SERP Supervisor provided us with four results in the “people also ask” section along with its position. Please note that this is the “people also ask” position among other results in SERP. This is not the position of your website within the “people also ask” element. 

If we scroll down, we will find out that the “Forbes” website doesn’t appear there. No luck. But let’s not give up.

So, we just checked the result for one single keyword. If we had to look through all of the elements for all the keywords manually, it would take forever. That’s why our developers distinguished SERP elements in which a website appears from the ones it doesn’t. They highlighted corresponding icons in blue.

blue icons

As you can see in the screenshot above, forbes.com shows up in the featured snippet for the “wireless phones for seniors” keyword. We can click on that blue icon to see if it’s true.

forbes in the featured snippet

Yeah, everything is correct. We can repeat this process with other keywords to discover what SERP elements we are already dominating. We could also analyze our competitors in the same way and try implementing their best practices in our SEO routine.

If it isn’t enough, you can also get the extended results for any keyword. To do that, click on the loupe icon. The tool will provide you with the TOP100 results, including organic snippets and additional SERP features.

top100 results

That’s exactly how you can use SERP Supervisor

Try out our new feature. It will help you:

  • see all the SERP elements you are already dominating;
  • monitor the presence of SERP elements across all your target keywords;  
  • export the gathered intel in handy xlsx format.

Create an account to use our tools for 14 days for free!

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