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RankActive Reports 2.0: How to Create and Customize Your Own Report

21 October 2020 Edward G. Leave a comment WHAT'S NEW

Hi RankActive user! As you may already know, we have completely updated our tool, providing some new features and also redrafting the old ones. We paid particular attention to the reports because they were not customizable before — you could only add your logo using the “White label” feature. That was definitely not enough for […]

5 Actionable Tips for Better SEO Reporting

17 May 2019 Polina Smith Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

What value does an SEO report have? Its main goal is to inform clients and team members about the project’s progress. But a good report is not only about that – it also shows the value of your services and business approach. In other words, reports affect your reputation.

Handling Client’s Unrealistic SEO Expectations [Checklist]

19 March 2019 Polina Smith Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

How do you know that a project is finished successfully? Probably, you gather bounce and conversion rates, check on-page optimization, or count backlinks. That is all important, but it means nothing if a client is unhappy. When it comes to SEO strategies, unrealistic expectations appear here and there just like in any other type of […]