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SEO Ranking Tools Comparison And Alternatives: SerpBook vs. AccuRanker What to Choose?

28 August 2018 Philip Volna Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

Looking for an SEO tool to check your rankings and track keyword positions? There are a lot of tools on the web that you can choose from. It takes a lot of time and effort to go through all of them and choose one to trust your data to.

For a small business owner, nothing is more valuable than time. Looking for a stable SEO solution may take hours and hours a day. When you finally find one, you may want to see and generate real-time reports because we are all impatient when it comes to our investments.

Today, we gonna have a look at two different software platforms SerpBook vs. AccuRanker to see how they perform, we’ll check their user interface and prices for their SEO tools. In addition to that, we’ll see if there is an alternative for these two platforms.



SerpBook has a 14-day trial period which allows you to learn about the platform and get comfortable with it. When you start creating your new account at SerpBook, you’ll see a quite simple registration form with an email, password and confirmation password fields. Unfortunately, you cannot sign up using any social network accounts, but it’s still fairly simple.

Assume, you have created an account and now you need to Log In. You can find the Log In button on their website menu. But when you click on the Log In button here is what you’ll see.


A pretty simple Log In form, not much to talk about except for one thing. Due to the poor navigation, you cannot go back to the homepage as their fancy Log In form takes all your screen space. The logo is not interactive either, which is quite uncomfortable. You can navigate back to the homepage only by clicking at “No account?” and then you’ll see a Sign Up page where you can finally get back to the interface.

Also, when you’re logged in, you can’t see their website since you’re redirected to the https://SerpBook.com/serp/, their dashboard which looks like this.


There is also another cool feature which is account access sharing, and I personally like it because it looks simple. In the account settings, you can also work on your table settings and include, hide or exclude certain metrics and features.


You can check the whole page in the pdf takeaway.

SerpBook Rankings

But what about stats? We came here for the reports and statistics, aren’t we? Pure taste, but I don’t like how reports look simply because I don’t find any valuable insights on my keywords and everything. Here is a report picture found somewhere on the web.


What is this graph? What are these colored lines? I don’t understand them because they are not explained. Looks simple, that’s right, but it’s too simple I would say.

SerpBook Pricing

So, the main question is how much do they want for what they provide? Let’s check out SerpBook pricing page. Ah, yeah, let’s log out first and then we can check.


I have registered for a free trial, so I had 50 keywords that I could track. For a small e-commerce website, blog or any other resource that’s just starting out it’s absolutely enough. However, I simply couldn’t figure out how to add those keywords to Rank Tracker so that I can actually see my rankings and everything. The support helped me a lot.


Helped me to get even more frustrated. It’s been almost 45 minutes now, and I still didn’t get notified and didn’t get any response at all. Well, fine, I’m just doing a stupid review, but what if you really needed help, let’s say, something has got broken, and you need to fix that.

There is one big problem with all these rank tracking tools and other SEO tools. The problem is that once you stick with one platform, it’s very difficult to switch to another platform, usually because you cannot export and import your data. This is why you need to choose smart.


Your journey at AccuRanker starts with a very simple form of registration.


Filling up an email address, what could have been easier? Closing the tab with feeling that there is something wrong with this form. But I insisted. So, when you type in your email, you’ll get directed to the new page where the registration doesn’t look that simple at all.


You’ll need to fill in a lot of fields, like really a lot, and they are not optional. You need to fill in nearly all of them. There is, however, one thing that scares me and that is smashing in my credit card info. I don’t want to bother myself with any chargebacks or money-backs and everything in case I don’t like their platform.

For that “credit card info” reason, unfortunately, I’m unable to have a look at their platform from the inside.

Unlike SerpBook they at least have some decent help center which you can access even without looking for the answer in the Intercom messenger (Fancy contact button that you see on every other website). SerpBook also has a help center which is really difficult to find as it’s located in the footer of the website. Speaking about the blog, well, SerpBook has only 1 article in it, and the blog seems to be long forgotten.


AccuRanker help center and blog are the only ways I can check their platform, so all the below pictures are either taken by me or from their website and do not belong to me.


Here we can see some statistics based on the share of voice metric. From here you can understand that you can perform some basic competitors analysis and keyword tracking. I have no idea how to add keywords into the Rank Tracker on their platform, however, it seems to be possible. Or, at least, it has to be possible.

Speaking about all the imagery on their website, it’s really inconvenient to use them because they are not clickable and you need to open them in a new tab to see at the full scale. Whenever I need to read their guidelines, I spent some annoying seconds opening those pictures and the whole read turns into pain.

Another plus to AccuRanker is that they have a blog which they do not update regularly just like we are at RankActive but, at least, it’s there.

AccuRanker pricing

AccuRanker provides their services at a high-level. They have a white-label feature, report center, customer support and some uncomfortable prices comparing to SerpBook or RankActive. The good thing is the support though. It took them 2 minutes to reply to my question.


So, let’s have a look at their prices to see the details.


The professional plan seems to be quite compelling. The good news is that you can customize the number of keywords you want to track.

Unfortunately, unlike RankActive AccuRanker doesn’t have other essential tools such as Link Manager or Site Auditor not only to track keywords but also track backlinks and fix them if they get broken. But this is totally fine because AccuRanker is positioning themselves as a single tool Rank Tracker. So, there is no need in other tools if you do not care about anything but tracking your rankings, and you’re not interested in backlinks, competitor analysis, etc.


Choosing among the variety of different SEO ranking software you can also consider RankActive as an option and an alternative to the mentioned above tools. While AccuRanker does a great job at providing position tracking services we, here at RankActive, also cover other necessary aspects for building a solid foundation of your online presence.

We provide value to our clients because we consistently (well, quite often) update our blog with different strategies on how to do competitor analysis or keywords research, etc. Unlike SerpBook, our support team is 24/7 available, and you’ll never face the same issues as I did when I tried to contact SerpBook.

Unlike AccuRanker, we do not require you to enter any credit card information in order to sign up for a free trial because we not only value your time but we also want our platform to be easily accessible, secure, accurate and simple to work with.

Rank Tracker at RankActive


As to the Rank Tracker at our website, you have different categories and aspects to look at. The Rank Tracker shows you keywords performance for a selected period of time. You can also update your rankings anytime you want to see the real-time reports.

Setting up the Rank Tracker

The interface is intuitively understandable, unlike tactics though. First, it may be unclear how to set up your Rank Tracker so that it will show you the correct results. If you create a new project, you’ll have to generate keywords based on your domain. Our tool will scrape keywords from your website and show them on our platform in your account. The system will ask if you want to add the newly generated keywords into the Rank Tracker.

However, when you have gone far from the creating a project and have been working on the platform for several months, you may not see any results and changes. Why? You need to manually select keywords and add them into the Rank Tracker every week or two. The good thing is that you can actually do that compared to SerpBook.

You can find how to do that in this article “The Best SEO Tools to Spot an SEO Scam And See Why Your Rank Tracker Results Are Different from Google”. There will be 2 gif files that clearly show the whole process of adding keywords from the Keyword Finder into the Rank Tracker, and it takes only 5 minutes to do that.

Cool features


A pretty cool feature is ranking distribution which shows you all the pages and how they perform. Also, you can click on the particular page and see what keywords it has and where those keywords are located (URLs).

Just like SerpBook and AccuRanker, we have downloadable reports which you can get in 2 main file extensions – pdf and excel. And, of course, along with the reports you can set up the white-label feature to resell the tools if you want as you gain knowledge.

If we were to describe all the features here the article would turn into a book, so we’ll wrap it up with concentrating on the cons of our platform rather than telling you about pros. It’s a review not a sales pitch, right?:)

When you’re working on our platform, you may notice that it is quite slow comparing to SEMrush or Raven Tools and this is what may leave you a little bit frustrated. However, to cheer you up we are happy to say that we’re currently working on the speed of our platform and very soon it will be much faster. We won’t announce any timelines though just to keep your and our expectations real.

RankActive Pricing

So, how much? This is what you might be thinking about. Well, compared to the above-mentioned companies SerpBook and AccuRanker our prices are quite competitive and friendly.


The SerpBook plan equal to ours costs $176 per month.
The AccuRanker plan equal to ours costs $129 per month.

Our optimal plan is $69.95 per month. So what do you get? You get the whole platform, 8 tools that you can use to your advantage, and you can find how to use this or that tool in our blog as we describe the tools quite often. For your convenience, we will start updating our help center in the nearest future and soon what you get will be a fast, comprehensive and easily explained all-in-one SEO platform.

However, if you’re interested in SerpBook or AccuRanker, we do not mind. We can’t force you to buy our services we can only show our good sides as well as provide some details on the downsides, and you’re free to make a choice.



When you’ve just started running a business we understand how every cent is counted and cannot be wasted. If you’re an already established business owner than we know that you’re willing to make smart investments and rely on stable data that you can use to develop your business online presence and increase conversions. We have been there. And we are still here. Because SEO is a never-ending project that you need to consistently invest into.

Choose smart. I hope this review will help you choose an SEO platform that will meet your expectations or, at least, this review has provided you with some insights. Stay awesome!

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