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Checklist: How to be a perfect SEO agency and win more customers

8 September 2016 George Svash Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

Nowadays, when the share of business owners who acquire their own websites and increase an amount of company income through the possibilities given by the Internet, the experts which can provide qualitative SEO services are more and more needed. But the main word is “quality” anyway. Agree that it is a piece of cake to organize some kind of SEO agency at this time. But how to make it the perfect one and do not feel a lack of customers ever, that is the question.

How to be a perfect SEO agency and win more customers

The following checklist has been made for the people who are looking for the answer on such question. Using it you can test your agency if you already have one but don’t achieve the desired results, detect all weak points and strengthen its positions on the market. Or simply take it as a basic step-by-step guide if you are just in the very beginning and willing to hold your own business in the SEO services sphere.Watch yourself

Always keep in mind that nobody would trust to optimize their websites to someone who can’t handle his own properly. So, let’s check if:

1 All information on your website is up to date.
Imagine, for example, that you want to buy some service offered on a company site for $10. But when you contact sales manager it turns out that the current price is 3 times higher. I can assure you that the thought about that a team of such company couldn’t find the time to make corrections because they were too busy with the great influx of customers would be the last thing that occurs to your mind.

2 The set of services you provide is clear to a potential customer.
Strange, but most of agencies’ websites I’ve visited, on some reasons, made me feel like these “professionals” themselves have no clue what they are going to do with client’s website if they get one. So, make sure that the services you offer are fully understandable, don’t use any made-up on-the-go terms just to put something on your “company services” page. Don’t let a potential client feel like you do everything in a whole but nothing in particular.

3 The content on your website pages doesn’t contain any mistakes or typos.
You may think that it is not so important. But stop for a moment and picture the situation. You are looking for SEO services and hopping up on a site full of misspellings and incorrectly constructed sentences where you’re offered, on top of everything else, to fill in YOUR website with SEO optimized content for better ranking! As for me, I would never allow such people to even come close to my site.

4 You’ve placed REAL case studies and feedbacks on your website.
Take the small interviews with your existing clients, I’m sure they have something to say about your brilliant agency 🙂 Undoubtedly, positive feedbacks from different company owners will add the value and will attract people who are looking for the trusted SEO agency which is able to provide tangible results.

Sure thing that all said above also concerns your company blog (you have one) and all posts in social networks.

Working with clients

1 The office of your company creates the right impression.
I suppose there is no need to remind you that the place where you discuss business matters with your clients should be clean and silent, but I will anyway. Do you or your staff have some professional diplomas or certificates? Excellent! Make sure to place them in a prominent place so a potential client could not help but to notice them. Always offer a client a cup of coffee or tea. I bet you yourself would appreciate such thing, especially in the morning 😉

2 Your agency gives guarantees.
Yes, I know that SEO services are not the ones where you can have solid guaranties. But you should give them anyway, since your competitors will, that’s for sure. It is not necessary to be too specific. For example, you can promise that the X number of client’s keywords will reach TOP 10 of SERP during the X period.

3 You’ve discussed all the points of your future cooperation from the start.
Starting from what exactly a client wants to get for his money (how many keywords, on which positions, in what period or an approximate amount of traffic, in how many days etc.) and ending with the strict limits of budget. First, you protect yourself from possible misunderstandings in a future. And, secondly, you make your potential client feel that you have a huge experience on the subject and deal with these matters everyday.

4 You are always ready to professionally answer to any question.
You have to be prepared to any inconvenient questions all the time. Don’t let a client take you by surprise. No matter what his question is, you have to convince him that you know “what”, “when” and “why.” That everything is under control and there are no reasons to worry about anything.

5 All the reports on work performed are understandable, full and sent on time.
The reporting, as a part of SEO work, is a painful subject for any specialist in the field. But you should understand client’s position too. He wants to know what he pays for. Take it seriously and, if it comes out that you are, on some reasons, unable to provide good reports to your clients and do it on time, better use ad hoc 3-party resources. Plus, you don’t have to devote your clients to that as most of those resources have the White Label feature.

Find new clients

1 You do everything for wide recognition.
It is not something new, right? Those ones sites or their owners are most trusted which are more known. Thus, your number one purpose is to get your company known in your niche. There are various options to achieve the cognizance of your company name. No matter what methods you will use, the end aim is to attract as much clients as possible through the increased popularity.

To help you a bit here are a few proven tips on the subject:

  • Own blog. The presence of a strong company blog with the latest news and valuable tips related to SEO provides solid interest to your agency from the side of target audience. Plus, a really good content is always shared which significantly increases chances of traffic boosting.
  • Social accounts. Create company accounts everywhere on the social networks and regularly post there, of course. Mind that inter alia you should permanently monitor all social pages of your website, as many of users prefer social networks for asking questions and leaving their opinions (positive or negative). The worst thing you can do is to ignore them.
  • Commenting. Share your valuable opinion and give advice on popular SEO blogs and communities. The more useful comments you leave, the faster you become the one who is trusted and worth to listen to. And, the most important, you’ll become a recommended SEO agency after all.
  • Write for others. An exchange of blog posts is a common practice so just use this for your own advantage.
  • Make niche leaders mention you. The fastest way to be known by users is to be mentioned by the expert of your or related fields.

2 You don’t wait for clients to find you.
Without reference to how big already your contacts base is, you continue to make it grow. Surely there are certain ways to attract new clients. Some of them give an immediate result, and others are used for a long-term perspective. Anyway, do not neglect any of the following:

  • Make people be interested in cooperation. People love to get some additional benefits from using services. For example, you can offer an affiliate program with simple conditions and guaranteed revenue. Or you can suggest a client the managing of his three social groups in a cost of just two… or whatever you like. The main aim is to show a client that he gets an indisputable privilege when cooperates exactly with you.
  • Take part in different events, organize your own. To show up at appropriate events and represent your company is a great opportunity to find potential clients, make your company name recognizable and attract businessmen of the related fields to cooperate with you on different levels. To organize such events yourself makes the whole process even faster and provides much more value.
  • Be cherish and give something for free. Pretty often SEO-agencies offer the usage of analytical tools for free. Beside the focusing on potential clients directly, you also can offer some free services for design or web development companies. It would be the first step to the long-term cooperation which will sooner or later provide you with the stable flow of clients.
  • E-newsletter. The purpose of the scheduled mails containing company or industry news, SEO tips, etc is not only to accustom users to the valuability of your expert thoughts, but also to extend your contacts list which is filled up with the mails of your target audience when they sign up to your newsletters. You can send them special offers from time to time. But don’t overuse this opportunity. There is always a risk to gain the opposite result so don’t be spammy.
  • Ads. Yes, advertising can and, probably, will be expensive but it is worth the spends if you act clever. Particularly I want to draw your attention to forums. All the suggestions to constantly post there, daily, hourly, minutely, all that is a big…hmm can’t even find an appropriate word, but I suppose, you’ve got the point 🙂 The only thing that really works with forms it is ads presence! The newbies of forums will come to you because they are truly looking for the solution of their tasks. Otherwise they won’t be there, right? And the oldies will check out your services just to be aware of who you are and share their opinion on how much good you are. As each of them considers himself as the expert of experts. Thus, your target stays the same: to convince everybody, with the help of written above, that you are the best choice.


Well, now you know everything you need to become a perfect SEO agency. Having the perfect, in all terms, website, using the tips of working with existing clients, knowing how to attract new ones, you have all chances to beat your competitors and become the best in your niche. Nobody says it is easy to do, or fast to implement or it will cost nothing. But it is your business, your goals and dreams, and everything depends only on how strong your desire to win is. So I wish you luck and to gain the success you, undoubtedly, deserve!



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