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SEO Trends in 2020: What’s Changed and What’s Coming

24 December 2020 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

2020 has been a tough year. The COVID-19 pandemic, bushfires in Australia, stock market crash, Iranian missile strike — you name it. It’s hard even to recall all this year’s main turmoils because there were too many of them. No doubt, a lot has happened, and the world as we knew it has completely changed.

5 SEO Trends for 2021: What to Expect in the Upcoming Year

5 November 2020 Edward G. Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

The SEO world is ever-changing. Many strategies that worked fine just a year ago are irrelevant today, and what is working now may be inappropriate in the future. To thrive in this altering industry, we have to put our fingers on the pulse of events and keep our websites well-optimized for constant search engine updates.

6 Huge SEO Trends of 2019

30 December 2018 George Svash Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

While Google is the main search engine on the market, all innovations it provides soon become worldwide trends. SEO experts know that Google standards must be considered in new-year strategies to make online platforms successful.