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What page of Google am I on? Ways to find out

Why it is important to know what page is my website on Google

Have you ever wondered “where am I on Google search” or “what page of Google am I on?”. It is well-known that top 10 of Google search results is a wonderful place to see your site at. But have you ever considered how much better the first page is than the second one? The statistics tells us this:

  • a search result #1 in Google receives 33% of the traffic
  • a search result # 2 gets 18% of the average traffic share
  • a position # 10 (bottom of the first page) receives 2,71%
  • a position # 11 (top of the second page) gets 1.11%

Notice that 6 % of all users click to the second page and choose search results served there.
So, the difference between the first and the second pages of a search engine is drastic as well as the difference between #1 and #10. No wonder it is crucial to know site’s ranking.

Checking manually where am I on Google search

Anyway, if I need to know where I am ranked on Google I have got 3 options. I can check my ranking manually, use some free on-line Google keyword tool or try a paid rank checking tool.
So, to explore what page is my website on Google I have to key into a search box a keyword or key phrase for which I want to get ranked. But hardly the results I get will be precise. The possible issue is localized and personalized search results.
Personalization occurs because Google tracks what you have searched before and displays the websites you have visited previously higher. Also the search engine tracks your internet activity to serve you the most relevant search results. So when you are a doctor and mostly search for medical information when you type in the search box “schedule” most likely as a SERP (search engine results pages) you get not a “football match schedule” or “language courses schedule” but a “vaccination schedule”. So personalized results come handy – all your favourite sites are in top 3. But when unbiased data is needed it’s an obstacle.

Remove personalized and localized search results

To avoid personalized results you should sing out of your Google account and try using incognito mode which is supposed to remove your search history, cookies and other signs of your internet activity. To be more secure you may try another browser in incognito mode. If you are on good terms with SEO you can put depersonalization parameter “pws=0” in the end of your search query. All these actions will help to get more precise results to explore what page on Google am I on but still they are tied to your location and determined by your city or region.
So to receive more exact information you have to remove localization as much as it is possible. It isn’t that easy. In November 2015 Google removed a tool which allowed users to change their location. Thus it restricts abilities to track what page is my website on Google from any other region than our own. But there are workarounds. You can change your browser settings by ticking ‘block sites from setting any data” and restart the browser. You can choose your whole country as a local area. If these options don’t live up to your demands, internet offers you some plugins which enable you to discover site’s position in any country.

Why manual check isn’t the best solution

So, after everything possible was done to distill information and get unbiased search results it’s time to get to work! If l have only a few keywords to check it won’t give me any trouble to explore where am I on Google search. But if I run a few sites and need to check every page I’ve got to spend plenty of time sitting in front of a computer and typing keywords. Besides actual typing I’ve got to waste time looking. Though if you just need to check where on the first page your project is - way to go. But what happens if it isn’t? You sift through the first result page, it isn’t long, but your project isn’t there. Then you look at the second page and don’t find it either. How long are you going to look for if this particular keyword was unfruitful and failed to bring you up in the SERP? How much time can you allocate for a single word?
So finding out what page of Google am I on isn’t so simple as it seems. And even with a few words this work can consume your time.

    Recap. Checking your keywords manually is rather tedious and boring. Besides you’ll have to make important screenshots manually as well. The silver lining is that this option is absolutely free and you can apply it as long as you like or until you run out of patience.

    Using other tools to find where am I ranked on Google

    In case you strapped for time and need to explore position of your website on Google it would be wise to use some Google keyword tool. You’ve got two options: paid tool and free tool.
    Let’s have a look at a free tool. In the Internet you can find hundreds of free tools which provide website ranking check. Some of them need to be downloaded. It isn’t long but still you need to spend some time. And until the installation is finished you don’t really know what you have downloaded, how good the software is. Besides the authors of the tool tend to describe the virtues of the paid utility but offer for download a limited version. So, it’s a sort of bait-and-switch tactics. But if you are lucky and get a decent rank checking tool you’ll be able to discover your site’s position much quicklier.
    On the other hand you can understand at a glimpse what an online Google keyword tool has to offer you. The service usually has a short manual but even when it doesn’t you definitely can figure out what it is all about.

    What can a free Google keyword tool offer to you

    Internet can offer plenty of different online tools to check what page of Google am I on. The services vary in options and limitations. Some give you two boxes for a keyword and for your domain, another show SERP only from the first page. You can find a Google keyword tool which limits number of searches you can perform. Some utilities perform search only in, another enable you to select a search engine. You may encounter a service which thoughtfully suggests to check keyword ranking of your three competitors to enable you to compare their position in Google with your position. There are free tools in which you insert your URL and the service shows you all the keywords you have been ranked for and then you can click on each and discover its position.
    In any case finding what page of Google am I on using any of these tools is faster than checking website position manually. Worth noting the tools may differ in accuracy so make sure the service which suits you provides fresh true results.
    But no matter how good a service seems it always has limitations. As a rule the number of keywords or searches is restricted.Thus, if you are thrifty and have an average size project you may have to divide your keywords between a few rank checking tools. Or check one group of key terms in one day and the other group the next day due to the limitation. And there are no reports so you have to run statistics manually.
    Nonetheless, if your demands are modest some of these tools can meet your needs.

      Recap. Free Google keyword tool comes handy if you need to conduct a small check without going into details. Using this tool you won’t have to fight with Google in efforts to get unbiased results undistorted by personalization. It is absolutely free and readily available.Once you’ve started looking for the tool you get tons of offers from different sites to check your keywords. Free Google keyword tool provides you results much faster than if you were checking your keywords manually.
      Downsides: the results aren’t always accurate. Every free tool has it’s limitations.

      Finding what page of Google am I on with a paid tool

      To enjoy such utility you have to subscribe. Mostly paid tools submit you a few tariff plans with correlation the bigger number of keywords and websites to check the higher a price. But depending on the size of your business the limitations are reasonable. You wouldn’t like to overpay for services you don’t really need.
      Unlike most of free utilities paid Google keyword tool is abundant in data. It serves you multiple search engines, multiple languages, data from Google Analytics, handy reports and much more. No doubts it is very convenient, you get all the information in one place, you don’t have to collect data bit by bit from different sources. Also your data is available in neat reports and if you missed anything you can always check in your paid tool because as a rule such services store data limitlessly. And no way you get personalized search results! Only unbiased high quality data extracted from various search engines. Thus you’ll be able to make informed real-time decisions.
      Besides, paid tools provide you with other utilities such as backlink checker or website auditor. So average paid Google keyword tool provides you with complete package of services to keep your website healthy and up in search results.

      Choosing a paid Google keyword tool

      So how to select such a useful utility? Internet offers you a wide range of tools. And deciding to allocate some money on your SEO campaign you will be definitely careful to choose the best possible tool. You’ll start explore utilities and compare prices over provided services, over-refine. And due to the fact that most of paid tools not only enable you to answer the question “what page of Google am I on” but allow to monitor your backlinks and keep an eye on your competitors you’ll get stuck. It is quite a complicated choice: more keywords checked and not sufficient number of backlinks tracked at a lower price or comparatively small number of keywords but a wide range of additional options at slightly higher price.
      So, trying to simplify your SEO work and deciding to subscribe at first you have to make it even harder by choosing one service among variety of similar.
      Almost every paid Google keyword tool provides a free trial so you can sample the service and make sure it suits you. But the trial can only show you how good the tool is of itself. It is possible to subscribe for a free trial to a few paid tools but hardly it will help you to make decision. You’ll waste your time and get more confused.

        Recap. Paid tool is extremely handy, it provides comprehensive data about your ranking in real time.
        Downsides: a wide range of paid Google tools are available on the Internet which makes it hard to choose, the tool is not free, you have to subscribe to get it.

          So, three options are available to find out what page of Google am I on, but each one has its upsides and downsides. And which option to choose depends on your war chest, size of your project time and other factors. Nonetheless, in case you set your mind to use a paid tool but aren’t sure how to find the right one try Ranking module. It is a part of decent SEO service RankActive platform. Along with Ranking module at this service you get access to Backlink module and Site Auditor. RankActive offers free 14-day trial so you can test all its functionality. In case you like it you won’t have to scour Internet looking for the appropriate tool any more. Using RankActive platform you stop wasting time and focus on your SEO campaign.

            What page of Google am I on

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            How to define what page of google am i on

            Google search is for winners

            What is the most popular search engine in the world? Everybody can answer without a doubt that it is Google. If you are a customer, you know how exactly to find needed web resources. A few keywords quickly lead you to your goal (product, service or useful information). However, if you sell products, provide goods, have your own company or just want to start new projects, you are on the other side. Every day you wonder “what page of google am i on” and the answer defines the fate of your business. You need to be in friendship with this search engine, know ‘Google analytics’ aspects and think like professional SEO.

            Ranking system

            Ranking system from Google determines the relevant and important sites. Its mechanism keep changing every day and nobody can say what exactly factors influence on position results. If you work on your projects by yourself, it could be hard to achieve TOP positions immediately. Before you will reach your goal, you will think “where am I on Google search, how can I change it, what need to do” and so on.
            Professional SEO experts analyze Google engine machine every day and distinguish determinants that are mostly recommended to change for achieving TOP results. Are they constant and can provide a high position for long periods? No. However, if you work on it without stopping, track errors, improve quality indicators on the daily basis then you achieve great position results.

            Why do you need to improve your Page Ranking position

            There are a lot of people who think that experiences about “where am I ranked on Google” are useless and baseless. They say “it doesn’t matter in terms of traffic”! But you have to know that there are no SEO or promotion experts among them. Their mainspring idea is instant profits and rapid customers. This indicates a lack of marketing strategy and desire to invest which leads to distrust customers.
            Make sense in this situation and do some experiment. When you are looking for some service or product, you open Google search and starting writing your desires in the search line. Primarily, you follow links on first page starting with TOP positions results. You know you can trust them on a subconscious level because the owners of the project, website or companies:

            • Spend a huge amount of money on promotion.
            • Spend a huge amount of money on promotion.
            • Achieve the TOP results in the ranking.
            • Can not spoil their reputation in quality parameters. Their products are not like the one-time goods. There are desired goods exceeding all expectations and meet all standards.

            Considering all the conclusions, well ranking page shows own credibility. If you are the owner of some commercial product or service, you have to plan out all factors that improving your ranking position. Even if you have the small blog and in the near future you want to find a sponsor, investor or advertiser, your ranking position must be high. So start asking “what page is my website on Google UK”, for example, and better ranking page allows you to bid higher for advertisements and sponsorship post. Also, other bloggers start to link to your site with pleasure because they know they can trust your web resource.

            How to choose Google keyword tool

            There are a lot of free tools for promoting your website. Their advantages are obvious, but you can hardly know about the drawbacks from the developers. Is it worth to spend money for a paid tool? What are its characteristics? “Where am i ranked on google” is not so easy question to choose the first free tool. Consider RankActive as an example. It’s an extensive tool in its own project management, Ranking module. The main advantages are: usability, comfort, right time information, useful tips to improve your ranking position.
            Let’s consider in more details what you get from the using of this tool. The main task of Ranking module is to show positions of keywords. For more comfort, the module has 3 components: Controls, The Graph and The Table. First part allows you to compare all needed data for selected period. If you do not choose specific dates, the initial time is 30 days before today. All information you can get in PDF or Excel format. The Graph indicates the percentage and value of TOP 3,5,10,100 keywords to other keywords in your page. The Table includes comprehensive information, including:

            • Popular keywords in chosen region and search engine;
            • Dynamics of changes the keyword positions over selected time;
            • KEI, SVV and ETV values;
            • CPC and PPC data from Google Adwords;
            • Additional SERP extras like blogs, maps, discussions, images, videos, news, shopping, places, etc.

            As you can see, such full open data really can help you to get better results in Google search. Monitoring data will help you to explore the rivals, to avoid possible mistakes and take the TOP positions, and thus increase traffic, profits and confidence of your website.

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