Link manager: video overview

How does it help? Is it suitable for my business?

How does Link Manager help?

Link Manager will make link-building process and its monitoring easier and faster. It is a complete tool that can be used for link-building management. Add a link manually or import the bulk of them at once from CSV file, assign them a status, pick a manager who is responsible for the process. You will also get the most important data for each of your links such as the trustworthy value of the page, citation flow value, the number of external backlinks a referring domain has, spam score, a page and domain authority.
With Link Manager your work with links will become painless and lightning fast. Using this tool you can save your and team’s time to complete SEO tasks that have higher priority.

Whom is this product for?

Link Manager can be used by any business. For every website.
But it is best for:

  • SEO experts and agencies
  • SERM agencies and freelancers
  • Inbound marketers
  • Business owners

See it in action

The best way to discover the Link Manager features is to see them in live mode. Try all power of RankActive - register for FREE Trial!

Amazing features for your success

Significant website scores

Get essential information about sites you want to place a link at such as Citation flow, Spam score, Page and Domain authority, etc.

Manage link-building process

Monitor the whole process of each link placing from the very start to the moment our system confirms the status of the added link.

Simple and fast import of links

Import the existing links from CSV file and check significant data related to them a few moments after.

All contacts in one place

Save the contacts of websites owners at Link Manager to easily add them to your new links and estimate existing data within one click.

Links availability information

Check if your placed link is still published or the website owner already removed it.

Convenient data estimation

The sources of link placing can be conveniently separated according to their types: social networks, corporate or personal blog, news, etc.

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