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We are analyzing every page on your website for loading speed.

Duplicate meta-tags

If you have duplicate titles or descriptions - we will inform you.

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We also checking all text content on your website. We are checking it for duplicates.

Meta tags length checker

We are checking your website meta tags for the length data. If they are incorrect we will show it.

Broken links checker

We are always looking for broken links on your website.

Response code checker

If your pages response code answer is not "200 OK" - we will show it.

Inlinks and outlinks checker

It was never so easy to find and check your internal and external links.

Comprehensive page data

Canonical checker, readability value, h1 tags checker and much more!

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Advantages of duplicate content checker tool

What causes duplicate content?

Upon hearing about duplicate content checker tool someone may think: I don’t need it, I am very meticulous about selecting my content thus I’m sure it’s unique. But, unfortunately you may be wrong. Actually, despite uniqueness of content the website may be low in ranking.
Quite often the duplicate content is created unintentionally. Sometimes a few URLs lead to a single page. Or duplicate content may be a result of session ID. It takes place when you monitor your site’s visitors and provide them “sessions” on the site. Keeping tracks of the visitor’s activity allows you to suggest the products they may be interested in or gives access to the shopping cart. Meanwhile it can cause a number of URLs with identical content. To avoid this you have to add the canonical tag to the desired page.
If you haven’t been careful with the settings you may be creating duplicate content by paginating comments or long posts. Mostly such technical problems are solved by ticking the right option in the settings, but for the first place you have to know that something’s wrong.
Anyway, using a duplicate content checker tool is quite useful because the site may look good to a visitor and suspicious to the search engine.

Duplicate content checker as a tool for high ranking

Every search engine is keen to make its usage as convenient as possible thus duplicate content is a problem. Not knowing which of the versions it is supposed to show a search engine tends to rank pages presenting similar content low or remove them from the search results at all so customers can enjoy the diversity of search results.
Thus no matter what caused page similarity, internal duplicate content checker is a nice solution for the problem.
Site auditor module includes full range of options to check site’s duplicate content and even more. To get access to this module you have to sign up on the platform which is absolutely free for the first 14 days. Then you choose the project you want to check for similar content and click Duplicate page option which is located in Site auditor module. If you have any such pages the module will provide with a list of URLs which you can scrutiny to find out what caused similarity.

Duplicate content problems or what else can go wrong

Besides technical issues we have spoken above you may discover empty descriptions which don’t influence your ranking per SE but undermine your site’s attention value. If a webmaster didn’t take trouble to add a meta description search engine selects it on its own from the content on the page. Are you sure you want to trust your search engine with this task? Moreover, even a “manual” description can get lost among similar ones from competitors’ sites. Option duplicate descriptions can show you if your description stands out or if it is one of the many. Do your best to make it as appealing as possible because a customer is more apt to visit a site with a decent description.
Duplicate titles option shows you how many similar titles you have on the site. It isn’t always possible to diversify the titles especially if you are running ecommerce business but you have to keep trying or else your site will be flooded with indistinguishable titles which makes it less appealing for a visitor.
Besides duplicate content finder you get access to a number of filters which can find out errors occurring at your site such as title too short or title too long. This is rather useful because titles longer than 70-75 words are excluded from search results. Also you can check your project for invalid response code. So you can fix it as soon as it was discovered.

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