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The answer on whats my rank on Google question

Do you want to get the TOP Google position?

Oh yeah, you are. It’s the right answer. Suppose that the question “Whats my rank on Google” is the main goal. But, let’s start with the beginning. Answer the questions:
Why do you want to be on TOP position?
Do you know how to do that?
Actually, everything is simple. All the time you have the internet, you were a customer. When you wanted to buy some product or order the service, you asked someone to help with choosing it very rarely. You have more reliable information source – Google. It’s the best and popular search engine all over the world. And now you are on the other side. You are the seller, investor, the company’s owner or innovator of a product. You have to increase your sales, to introduce people your product, to have credibility among your targeted audience. Word-of-mouth is a good try, but you don’t know how long you need to wait for first real client. So, what’s next?

Do you know what ranking Google position is?

Creating a new site or landing page is the best way to get new clients but only if the rules will be supported. The right method of creation and further support and updates can help you to get the TOP positions in Google. The ranking checker is a tool that defines value and relevance of your page by special keywords among other websites. There are so many factors that influence on this mechanism but nobody knows them all exactly.
SEO professionals explore the search engine every day to summarize the most influential elements which can help you to achieve the TOP results. The most important factors are well optimized keywords, high speed and correct structure of your resource, incoming links etc. These changes aren’t constant, but timely conclusions, tracking errors, watching the rivals and improving high quality indicators of your pages can do the unbelievable progress. There are many secrets concerning selection of keywords that accelerate the process of improving Google analytics results.

Tips for improving ranking position

Professionals always consider that the TOP links in the first Google page are more reliable, because the owners of the site don’t save the money on such extended promotion. Such reputation can’t be spoiled by bad quality indicators so their products or services have international standards on attribute characteristics. Do you want to be one of the sites in TOP results?
Here some typical tips to improve your ranking results:
Unique content with specific keywords. It’s the first indispensable step to create your site or blog. The SERP machines prefer quality and unique texts with perfect well optimized keywords which must be updated regularly. The statistics show that if you see the decrease of your ranking position, you need to update your content and number of keywords at least once a month. Don’t forget to share your news or articles in networks.
Inbound links for your site. The references need to be relevant and valuable including the SEO optimized keywords. Try to find the sites with higher page rank position, than links from here to you will be more “important”. You can also leave your website address in forums, popular blogs and influential people’s pages, but try to avoid the inscription like “Click here”. Right keywords give the cue to target audience about your website.
If you have the commercial website, you still need the blog with useful exciting comprehensive articles. People shouldn’t leave you without getting the full answer. But think – how can they find you? Right, through to well optimized keywords. If you can attract potential customers with useful tips, they start to believe you on a subconscious level and they will be induced to buy something.
And don’t forget that the answer for “Where do I rank on Google search for a keyword” is possible only if you use well optimized heading tags and keywords. You need to take care about H1, H2, H3 heading tags, placement and density of the keywords. Such permalink structure helps to achieve you the best results in SERP. How to find the needed keywords?

How to choose right tool

If you want to get usability, comfort and extensive Google keyword rank checker, you need to find the professional tool that helps to understand all the nuances of ranking operations, fix the semantic core and determine the competitors’ advantages. The perfect example is RankActive.
This tool allows you to compare all databases for selected period, see the percentage of TOP 3,5,10,100 keywords to other keywords, see its popularity in a chosen region, analyze CPC and PPC data from Google Adwords, remark the dynamic changes of keyword positions over a fixed time. Extra adds from SERP like blogs, maps, discussions, images, videos, news, shopping, places also can help you to get well ranking results. Note that this is not even the whole list of benefits. RankActive is easy to use for huge companies and small start-up projects, the owners of the online shops and professional SEO experts.

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