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Google keyword rank tool for everyone

What is a Google rank tool

Presently we all depend on Internet. No matter where we work we all use Internet for one or another reason. And when we look for something we use a search engine, mostly Google. When we want to make our site popular we strive to get high Google ranking for it. In the Internet you can find a diversity of keyword position checker services which allow you to measure current position of your site in Google. Depending on the kind of Google rank tool it can vary in its functions. You may find paid, free, in the cloud or requiring download tools. But each of them shows you what place your site gets in a search engine ranking for particular keywords. They search terms which represent content of your site and which are supposed to be used by people who look for information or service available at your site. Any keyword rank tool gets information from Google or any other search engine about the position of a website relating to a particular keyword. If you use an advanced paid SEO rank tracker you get access to comprehensive data about your project. Whereas simple Google keyword ranking tool which is free gives you only scanty data.

Why a Google rank tool is so popular

Still, even such simple services are rather popular (otherwise there wouldn’t be so many offers on the Internet). But why is a keyword rank tool for Google so important? Well, Google is the most popular search engine and most of keyword rank checker softwares are Google-oriented. But any SEO rank tracker is important because it allows to check my and your Google (and not only) ranking. Suppose I know my ranking, so what? Every webmaster will tell you that checking keyword position is a starting point for any SEO campaign. Knowing your site ranking you can set priorities to your efforts; measure how much time it will take to achieve a certain position; how much money you need to spend. In the process of ranking improvement Google keyword rank checker tool allows you to estimate how efficiently your campaign is going on, whether you are doing everything right. Using this tool you can see correlation between your activity on the site and current position in a particular search engine. So you can figure out what steps facilitate ranking improvement and which don’t. So Google ranking tool is a rather handy utility, even the simplest one. Also both Google keyword ranking tool free and paid one serve unbiased data. Using a SERP tool you avoid personalized and localized search results which appear when you check your ranking manually.

Free tools to check my Google ranking

Free Google keyword rank checker is a nice service to track ranking. It is simple to use. You just key in your keyword and your domain. In a few seconds you get site’s position number in search engine results pages (SERP). The disadvantage of such tools is lack of accuracy, so, before using such service on daily basis you have to find out if it shows relevant results. One more downside is that every free Google SERP checker has its restrictions. You have to limit number of key terms or you are allowed to check only a few domains. On the other hand Internet presents a diversity of ranking tools which differ in their restrictions and options. So if make efforts you will certainly find a utility which satisfies you.
Another way to check ranking for free is to use a keyword rank checker software. Mostly it has the same advantages and disadvantages as a free Google keyword rank checker. It’s rather quick (especially comparing to manual rank checking) but you have to make sure the software serves you accurate data. Though a keyword rank checker software may require some updates to produce relevant results.

Paid Google rank tool

The third way to check my Google ranking is to use a paid SERP tool. The biggest disadvantage of this utility is that you have to pay for it. The biggest advantage is comprehensive data it serves. Actually it isn’t really fair to compare free Google keyword rank checker to paid one. While the first one gives you only brief data where to look for your site in a search engine for a particular keyword, the last presents a wide range of additional options, you are able not only to monitor your ranking currently but also to track it over time. As a rule a quality keyword position tool is connected to Google Analytics to provide you the most thorough statistics of your traffic, conversions, visitors’ behavior. So a paid Google SERP rank checker also offers you data which can help you to improve your ranking. Certainly, number of options are determined by the price of a tool but any paid SEO rank tracker gives you much more insight on your ranking than the best free SERP tool.
Wonderful thing about paid Google rank tool is that it stores your ranking data. At any time you can watch history of your keywords, track at which time a particular keyword was added.

Google website ranking reports, why you need them

But the best thing about Google rank tool is that it provides you a website ranking report. When you subscribe for the tool you select time and interval of the reports you want to get to your inbox. In a quality SERP tool you’ll be able to set parameters you want to receive in your scheduled reports.
So what happens when you subscribe for a report? A keyword position tool on its own checks ranking of your website in Google (or any other search engine you previously set) and presents you fresh results. So you don’t necessarily have to use the tool itself - check your mail and stay up-to-date with your ranking.
In the website ranking report data is organized in a very clear way, you can easily spot ups and downs of your site’s position in Google. So you stay cognizant of your search engine ranking without wasting time. And in case something goes wrong you can timely react and improve what needs improving.
Besides, you can send a presentable website ranking report in Google search engine to your clients. If a paid Google SERP checker supports White label option the reports can be branded.

How the search engine knows where to place my site

When I need to know the position of my site in Google I use keyword ranking tool free. This tool queries Google about my site and gives me unbiased result. But how does Google decide where to put my site?
The search engine’s aim is to give the highest position to the most relevant for users sites. It takes into consideration more than 200 factors. What are they is a secret but certainly the most important ones were unveiled. Some of them are:

  • Usage of keywords
  • Quality of backlinks
  • Number of backlinks
  • Content relevancy
  • Time spent by users on the website.

The good news is that if I am using a paid Google rank tool I get free access to other services which correlate with Google’s assessment parameters and enable me to improve my ranking. So, once I’ve decided to allocate some money I can not only check my Google ranking but also I get tools which help me to fix issues which pull my site down in search results. Thus, buying a keyword rank tool for Google I get much more than that.

Platform for your SEO campaign

A good example of such handy combination of tools is RankActive platform. Along which Ranking module it includes Website Auditor, Backlink module and a few free and paid tools. So, using SERP tool from RankActive you get comprehensive data about your ranking. And using Backlink module you explore what backlinks you have and remove broken and irrelevant links. Website Auditor allows you to troubleshoot your project and spot issues which hinder search engines to rank your site higher. Thus, you can clearly see what needs improvement to make your site search engine-friendly. When the fixing is done you can check the results with Google rank tool. So, doing all your SEO in one place is really convenient. You save your time avoiding jumping from one tool to another. Besides RankActive provides you scheduled informative reports regarding all aspects of your website condition and not only Google website ranking report. Moreover, the platform has a free trial.

A handy keyword rank tool for Google

SEO rank tracker presented by RankActive platform includes everything you might need to monitor your site’s position. You can select a country for your search (213 countries are available) and specify the search area to a particular city or choose search through the world. Depending on the country you can get search results in 131 languages. Besides, choosing a search engine you can select among different options of Google search: Google Mobile, Google Maps, Google Map Pack, Google blogs, Google news and Google itself. This SERP tool also gives access to a Keyword Generator using which you make sure you haven’t missed any profitable keywords. But the best thing about this Google rank tool is how it shows key terms. You can see the big picture in the graph and granular data in the table. Worth noting the table is flexible, you can move and remove its columns. And certainly you get diversity of parameters and also SERP snapshots.

Choosing the right keyword

But even the most brilliant Google keyword rank tool can’t guarantee you position number one in ranking. Using all available tools you can definitely improve your website position, but to be number one you have to combine great tools with great strategies. It is crucial to pick the right keywords to check my Google ranking.
Worth noting that common keywords hardly bring coveted position because they are generally used by big companies with large budgets (great part of which are spent on SEO). So it is impossible to compete for a single popular keyword, you’ll just waste your time and money. Except maybe you are producing something very rare and special which can be bought only from you.
Having a small company it would be wise to focus on long tail keywords. Competition for them is lesser so it is easier to get number one position in Google rank tool. Also a long tail keyword allows you to describe or specify services or product you are offering. Thus, when a user finds you due to this key term you can be sure that he was looking for your services. Besides, when a user searches for long tail keywords it means he is more inclined to buy and not just look. So your visitor wants to make a purchase from you because you have exactly what he is looking for.

A short recap

Google rank tool or SEO rank tracker is a rather handy service. It allows to check my Google ranking for various keywords and in various locations. Also it helps you to avoid personalized and localized SERP. Choosing a free SERP tool one should make sure it serves only accurate results. So, in case you intend to use a free Google keyword rank checker test it first or ask for a good one on message board. Using a paid tool you won’t have problems with accuracy but you have to spend money on it. So take time to explore which one Google rank tool fits your demands and your budget. If you are strapped for time try Ranking module, part of RankActive platform all the more so it has a free trial.
Any decent Google keyword rank tool provides you detailed data with lots of parameters. Besides, it stores your keyword data so you can track history of your ranking. Also, paid SERP tool sends you useful detailed reports.
Anyway, whatever tool you choose (free Google keyword rank checker or paid comprehensive utility) it will come in handy for your SEO efforts.

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