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What is google keyword position checker api

What is google api and who uses it

A SEO rank tool is one of the most frequently used utilities amongst SEO professionals. Thanks to its recent developments in usability and functionality it has become popular amongst non-professional users as well, such as bloggers and website owners. Being a highly demanded tool in the Web community, a keyword position checker tool comes in various versions with different functions included. But how did it become possible?
It is not a secret that there are tons of producers who offer free and paid version of the ranking tools on the market. Normally they have nearly similar features and functionality but sometimes can slightly differ. Their similarities are explained generally by the use of google keyword position checker api as a base for the tool. Using the main scripts and engines of Google the rank checking tools get the information about the position of the Website in a given search engine from the engine itself, which makes it accurate and up to date. Like that, whichever rank checker you use, as a matter of fact, they are pretty similar to Google instrument but shaped to be more user-friendly and, much of them, propose additional parameters to check. This customization is the key reason of the popularity of the position checkers nowadays, as it has made them easy in use and understandable even for those who has never worked with such instruments before.

How does a google keyword rank checker work

Keeping in mind that the base of the rank checking tool is google keyword position checker api we still should get a better picture of how it actually works in real time. Using a google keyword rank checker online or installing one open the same possibilities to the user, so the choice is left to him. Prior to the check it is crucially important to generate the benchmark data for the further analysis. The database of the keywords for a certain page is used for analysis, so you can check if these keywords give you the proper results. Then you would be required to enter the search engine that you are willing to check the position of the page in and the region and the language of the analysis. After that a check can begin and in a few moments you would get the position of your page in the given search engine results. So, what you would be basically getting is a check after the given demand. In plus to that you are able to execute a google keyword position check or find out of the latest google keyword trends that can be useful for your further work with the Internet resource you are dealing with.

Why are the keywords so important for the check

The keywords are crucial for any rank check as they serve as means of analysis. According to the base of keywords generated for a page its position on a search engine results page can be determined in the most accurate way. As a rule, the keywords are included in every page’s code, where they can be retrieved. In case if you do not have access to this source, you can use a keyword generator, which would analyze the content of the page and create a list of keywords for you in a few minutes. So, basically anyone can now check the popularity of a given page on the Web.
The results of the analysis for the Website for any search engine(Google, Yahoo! and Bing etc.) would be of the same accuracy and of the same speed if you choose the right keyword position checker. As already stated above, the key to a successful check of the rank of a page is benchmark data, understood in this case as the keywords for the site. As far as anyone can get access to this data, rank checking tools open almost inexhaustible possibilities of procedures that they can perform. If you are in need of a rank check or any other connected operation, just check out one of the online checkers, for instance RankActive platform to get more information.

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