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Use of google keyword position checker tool

Maintain your rankings

For SEO-management of any website or the internet project is quite important to find an effective set of useful tools. Among them, can be up lighted a google keyword position checker tool as a one to be at hand most of all. The analysis of keywords helps to maintain the ranking of a site. Google keyword position checker can be also used to have a view on a semantic structure of keyword system of the other sites those sharing the same topic with the target site.

Specific or universal tools

There are a lot of free tools with the same functionality, but if site effectiveness depends on the Google search system only, it is better to try the methods from developers.
Another way is to use complex SEO analytics for projects oriented on several search systems, those include keyword position check tool. Often, such seo softwares allow to choose a search engine from listed by its creators.
The functionality of such tools allows to have google search position check for one site and require to enter its URL. The additional useful function is to compare two or more sites with the target site. That’s how a semantic structure of the competitors websites can become helpful in the development and improving the own site. To collect an info about competing sites of the same business segment, the tools that are able to provide you with an information from the several engines can be preferable.

Paid or free tools

Use of free or paid SEO instrument such as google position tool is up to the budget of a site management. Free tools can be helpful, but paid tools have a better functionality with much wider results list or effectiveness. Of course, a SEO-specialist can develop his own list of tools he used for a period and they prove themselves effective. This list can combine paid and free tools, as for many functions are included in premium or paid accounts only.
It is important to know what information over search engine results page (SERP) a tool is able to provide to make a decision about its effectiveness. For the most of the tools it is a list of actual keywords, and, in addition, organic and paid keyword results lists. It could include many additional information data like images, videos, geopositioning information to take attention on.
Many tools combine free and paid functions, but still effective. It is possible to use a free functionality of such tools and to pay for a premium mode only of it is needed.

Working with API

There is a method used by developers to increase the speed and effectiveness of the SEO tools by Google keyword position checker API. Using a specific script, it is possible to check a keyword position rapidly and to send many requests with several queries. Paid services of the same kind often use a quota and a determined number of requests.
The Google keyword position checker PHP script should be included in the site code and send an information to Google queries, so the results displayed in real time view. Many providers of a ranking service include an API in their management tools list to have an effective sync with the program of a SEO-specialist. It is good to be assured that such an interface used a secure connection protocol between the client’s site and the target site.

In conclusion

Using a google keyword position checker tool for SEO is effective and approved by practice. However, there are some points to take an attention to. The list of functions of a tool could be stated as first criteria. It is good to analyze the general list of tools to compare the ways to use them. Then, a cost of paid tools should be added to the overall cost of a budget for site optimization. If an SEO-specialist is willing to use free tools, this step is unnecessary.

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