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How to check Google ranking different data centers

Google data centers

Probably every site owner or blogger has used some tool to check Google ranking of his project through different data centers. But no matter what utility you use to do it you may discover variations in results due to different data centers. Data center is a place where Google maintains and manages data and information. While data centers are huge buildings there isn’t much we know about them. We know they differ in size and design in order to get a benefit from the latest technologies. Besides, Google proudly tells us that despite difference in constructions its data centers are environmental friendly and keep improving. On the other hand Google is reluctant to tell how many data centers it possesses and doesn’t unveil all their locations.
It is reported about more than 32 different data centers all over the world. But some publishers state that there are more of them though this information wasn’t verified.

Check Google ranking through different data centers

So what happens when you check search engine ranking. When you check Google ranking for keyword your query is being directed to a certain data center depending on your location and time of your search. Worth noting that you may be guided to another data center even if you stay at the same place and check search engine ranking at approximately the same time. This is due to Google’s efforts to balance traffic load between its data centers. Ordinarily when you check Google ranking different data centers are supposed to have the same data. But it isn’t always so. When Google announce new algorithm sometimes it takes much longer than it’s necessary to update it on all the data centers. But what is the reason for delay? While Google keeps it secrets so carefully it is hard to tell. It seems the search engine uses some variation of its algorithm. Presently Google uses three types of data centers. The biggest group of them uses current algorithm. Two smaller groups of data centers test different changes to the algorithm. This allows Google to try new approaches without affecting major results. But when I check Google ranking of my website I can’t be sure which of different data centers my query will be directed to. Thus it is possible to face unexpected and unwanted difference in SERP results.

Mobile friendly algorithm

So to protect your website from these changes you should meticulously remove all features Google might not approve whatever algorithm it uses.
Last year Google released its new mobile friendly ranking algorithm. The essence of the new algorithm is to make any website pages accessible for mobile devices, otherwise they get low ranking. So first of all make sure your project is mobile-friendly because the new algorithm is present at all different data centers regardless of any algorithm variations they are testing. Thus no matter what data centers your query was directed to your site would be low in SERP unless it was optimizes for the new algorithm. If you aren’t certain whether your site is enough mobile friendly you can check it using Google mobile-friendly test.
Anyway, while Google is a powerful search engine worth taking into consideration it won’t harm to check Yahoo! or Bing rankings as well. Though Google is a main traffic driver to your website don’t neglect other search engines and let them bring their share of visitors to your project.

A powerful tool to check google position of website

If you don’t want to miss opportunity of additional traffic it would be wise to check other search engine ranking. To save your time and get all the data in bulk and specified in one place you can use a powerful tool called Ranking module designed by RankActive. It provides data on different search engines. Besides you can track local and mobile results. Moreover you won’t lose any data because Ranking module stores it without time limits. No need to say that all RankActive modules are mobile friendly so you can check Google position of website anywhere.Using rank checker tool you can track dynamics of all your keywords, add tags to them to make your research more convenient, have a look at snippets of competitors, check when each keyword was added and much more. Besides, the explicit data is displayed in a table which can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format.

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