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RankActive All in One SEO Platform

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In-house backlinks database

More than 1 Petabyte backlinks database

Full list of backlinks

Track your website backlinks

Spy on your competitors

Spy your competitors' backlinks

Backlinks intersection

Easiest way to find backlinks opportunities - to find intersection of your competitors' backlinks.

Broken links finder

Find and easily fix your broken links.

Metrics for every page

Detailed metrics for every page

New and lost backlinks

Watch your lost and new backlinks

Referring pages and domains chart

Track the dynamics of your backlinks profile

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Inbound links checker - the best tool ever

Incoming links checker which fits your requirements

All of us get used and stick to certain software but sometimes it does more harm than good. What if some new service has been released and you don’t know anything about it? What if it’s better than the one you are currently using?
So have a look at the new RankActive platform which provides a large number of options for your SEO. And one of the options we are definitely proud of is Backlink module. No doubt it is hard to trust some newcomer with your precious project. But you can easily compare inbound links checker to the competitors which are familiar to you. Consider what’s more significant for you: price, number of backlinks monitored, daily reports, backlinks sources or white label. And maybe the new backlink checker possesses features your current inbound link checker lacks. If you still have doubts you can enjoy fully functional trial for 14 days.
Besides, free backlink checker online is always at your service right here. Despite being free it provides a decent amount of information such as when the inbound link was first seen, whether it is nofollow or dofollow, HTTP code, if there are education or governmental domains that link to you and so on.

Full amount of data on your backlinks and backlinks of a competitor

No matter if you like it or not but to be successful you have to be cognizant of the backlinks of your site. Backlink module enables you to know everything about incoming links. Using Backlink module you can see which backlinks you have gained, also it shows the ones which you have lost. Thus you can contact the site owner and convince him to return the link. Anyway links which are taken away aren’t removed forever because you see them and thus get the chance to return them.
Also you can check quality of your backlinks which is a key feature for inbound link. Low quality links make your site less trustworthy from search engine’s perspective and so it ranks it low. That’s why it is necessary to check backlinks for irrelevant or dead links. So by means of inbound link checker you can optimize your existing backlinks.
Also Backlinks module enables you to monitor competitor’s backlinks. You can spy what strategy he is implementing to achieve good ranking. And, because you can see the timing of back links you can find what he was doing some time ago and what he is doing now. Certainly, knowing competitor's incoming links doesn't guarantee you high ranking but they are a necessary part of integrative linkbuilding strategy.

Save your time get scheduled reports to your inbox

If you are careful not to waste time you’ll enjoy backlink reports straight to your email. You can select not only periods of the reports but metrics you want to receive. There is a lot of information to choose from. Backlink module provides data in table views with multi-filtration option. It enables you to set up all the metrics you would like to see in your reports and conceal data which currently doesn’t concern you. Besides you can generate several reports on various parameters to make it convenient for you to work with.
Worth noting the reports can be branded if you apply White Label setting. Such nice reports with your brand can be delivered to your clients. It enables them to check their project’s data by themselves. By the way all the reports are available in Excel format so you can interact with them as it suits you. If you don’t need it you can select PDF format.
Moreover, RankActive platform and Backlink module as a part of it are available in mobile version thus you and your clients can check backlinks whenever you want. You can monitor what’s happening with your project in real time. It enables you to fix any occurring problem as soon as it appears. Such efficiency can save your time and prevent you from losing money.

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