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Rank Tracker SettingsinRank Tracker
Aug 12th 19

In this section, you can set or modify the parameters of Rank Tracker.   How do I choose the rank tracking mode? First things first, you have to decide what exactly you would like to track. More specifically, you should pick one of the tracking modes available in Rank Tracker Settings. Domain with subdomains. The collection of data will be based

White LabelinFeatures
Aug 7th 19

  White Label is designed to help SEO businesses deliver results to customers under their brand.   Where can I find White Label? Click on your user name in the upper right corner of the screen. Select White Label in the drop-down list.   Here’s what you can do with White Label: Bind your domain/subdomain to redirect clients to your website.

Day-by-Day ViewinRank Tracker
Aug 8th 19

Day-by-Day View section consists of three parts, each of which provides a comprehensive information about the daily performance of your keywords. You can choose the appropriate search engine and the date range at the top left corner of the screen. The chart information will be displayed accordingly. Click Update Rankings to update the keywords

How do I delete my account?inBilling and Account
Aug 8th 19

Click Profile at the top of the screen. Click Delete account at the bottom of the screen. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window. Your account will be permanently deleted from our system without the possibility of cancellation. Please note, after you delete your account, all the data is erased from our database and therefore cannot be recovered.

Changing SubscriptionsinBilling and Account
Aug 8th 19

If you want to change your current subscription plan, you need to understand how it works. The process of changing your existing subscription is simple and transparent. In our platform you can upgrade/downgrade your existing subscription on the fly, you don’t have to cancel or recreate it. FastSpring (our payment gateway) refunds what you did not

Billing History and InvoicesinBilling and Account
Aug 8th 19

You can view your billing history from the Plans & Subscriptions section of your account settings. Click Plans & Subscriptions at the top of the screen. Click View invoices. Now you can download the invoice for a certain period of time.     Related questions: Changing Subscriptions ➜ Profile Settings ➜

Projects OverviewinFeatures
Aug 8th 19

Projects Overview section includes the summary data of all the projects that you have in your account. You see this information when you've just logged in. Click on the corresponding section to check out the detailed information for a particular project. Click on the logo at the top-left corner of the screen to switch to overall data.   I want to

Aug 8th 19

When you have provided your customers or team members with an access to your account, you can easily send them short notes of what they should do or check. They can do the same thing, so there is no need to use other services for such tasks. Click here to learn more on how to provide access to your projects.   How do I create a new note? Click

Parameters & CriteriainNotification Manager
Aug 7th 19

  Parameters ➜ Criteria for TV, Visibility, Ranked pages, Number of keywords in TOP1, Number of keywords in TOP3, Number of keywords in TOP10 ➜ Criteria for Keyword changes ➜ Criteria for Specific keyword position ➜ Criteria for Tag Changes ➜   Parameters Estimated traffic value - predicted amount of traffic for a website. Visibility -

Notification ManagerinNotification Manager
Aug 7th 19

  Tracking the results can be hard sometimes.You may have many projects or limited time to do the tracking results job. We have created Notification Manager to make things easier.   Why do I need Notification Manager? Through our Notification Manager you can create triggers, which will notify you on particular data changes in a project.