Product Feature Release date Stage Description
NEW: Notification center Product launching 30 June 2016 Development Ability to create triggered rules and to launch action when event's going. Ability to use helpful preset templates. Ability to create your own events. For example, you can create an action and automatically receive notification for such event as increasing of the number of invalid response code for more than 10% comparing with previous day.
Common Access management redesign. 30 June 2016 Development New version of access management. Ability to specify data (products, columns) which your customers will see, ability to add administrator to your account . Ability to create roles and templates for them.
NEW: Brand monitor Product launching 15 Feb 2016 Released Track your brand mentions and citations on the Web and social networks.
NEW: Index explorer Product launching - Frozen Ability to find new documents in search engines in the easiest way. This is a great opportunity for link building.
Ranking Adding keywords to specific group - Frozen Ability to bind keywords with tags when you add them to the project.
Site auditor Broken links finder 5 Jan 2016 Released We've added the ability to find broken links on your website.
Reports Site auditor summary 30 Dec 2015 Released Receive site auditor reports straight to inbox.
NEW: Affiliate program Partner cabinet 20 Dec 2015 Released Affiliate program with the ability to work with referral links and promo-codes.
Ranking Markers for the different elements of Google SERP 1 Dec 2015 Released Maps, Images, News, Videos, Knowledge graph, Carousel markers.
Common Tooltips in UI 1 Dec 2015 Released Tooltips in the UI for better understanding of data.
NEW: Backlinks Module launching 12 Nov 2015 Released In-house backlinks database.
Reports New PDF reports for ranking and analytics data 10 Nov 2015 Released
Common Mobile version is optimized for Android and iOS devices 03 Nov 2015 Released
Competitors Ability to compare traffic, bounce rate, traffic sources, rankings with competitors' data 15 Oct 2015 Released
Ranking Speed and UI improvements 29 Sep 2015 Released
Common Tables save their statements. 15 Sep 2015 Released
Ranking New data for keywords: KEI, ETV, total results in SERP, CPC, competition. 15 Sep 2015 Released
Dashboard Amount of indexed pages in Bing, Yahoo, Google 15 Sep 2015 Released
Ranking Predicted traffic for specific keyword 27 Aug 2015 Released
Ranking Keyword tags 27 Aug 2015 Released
Site Auditor Speed improvements 27 Aug 2015 Released
Ranking Default search engine 27 Aug 2015 Released
NEW: Site auditor Module launching 14 Aug 2015 Released
NEW: White-label Module launching 01 Aug 2015 Released
Rank Tracker New feature: Relevant pages 15 Aprial 2016 Released The Relevant pages section is built to show you number of ranked pages (relevant page for a keyword that is ranked in TOP100) for the selected timeframe. You can easily understand how your content strategy affects pages which users can find in SERP.
Rank Tracker New feature: Ranking overview 01 April 2016 Released Overview section is built to show you key performance indicators (KPIs) and charts of data related to your rankings. You can easily understand what’s going on with your rankings for the selected timeframe.
Rank Tracker New feature: Ranking distribution 1 March 2016 Released
Rank Tracker New feature: Side-by-side view 30 May 2016 Development
Rank Tracker New feature: Day-by-day view 15 March 2016 Released Day-by-day view section is built to show you rankings changes by every day. You can see your daily rankings changes at a glance.
Rank Tracker New feature: Won vs Lost keywords 15 April 2016 Released The Won/Lost keywords section is built to show you ups and downs of your rankings for the selected timeframe. You can easily understand what keywords you need to improve or understand, what actions resulted the changes of keywords positions.
Rank Tracker Improvement: Detailed overview 15 March 2016 Released We've added new column to the Detailed view section: Traffic cost.

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