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Page speed analyzer

We are analyzing every page on your website for loading speed.

Duplicate meta-tags

If you have duplicate titles or descriptions - we will inform you.

Duplicate content finder

We also checking all text content on your website. We are checking it for duplicates.

Meta tags length checker

We are checking your website meta tags for the length data. If they are incorrect we will show it.

Broken links checker

We are always looking for broken links on your website.

Response code checker

If your pages response code answer is not "200 OK" - we will show it.

Inlinks and outlinks checker

It was never so easy to find and check your internal and external links.

Comprehensive page data

Canonical checker, readability value, h1 tags checker and much more!

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Website audit tools define technical errors

Seo audit tool and why you need it

Nowadays running a website is like having a pet. You feed it with high quality content and run regular checks if it’s healthy and well-being. It requires constant attention and “gets ill” if you neglect it. In case you want to take a good care of your “pet” website audit tool is just the thing. Even free site audit can significantly improve site’s health discovering such basic issues such as too short title or invalid code response, but you may need more complicated software to run a thorough checkup. The best website audit tool is probably the tool which analyses all the parameters of the page. Running a meticulous analysis is very important. And your unwillingness to dig into all the technical data of your site may lead to bad ranking. Search engines don’t care what caused an error; all they care about is user whom they must provide with sufficient sites where all the pages are as user-friendly as possible. Otherwise problem pages seem untrustworthy from search engine’s perspective and it ranks them low. So no matter how good or unique your content is technical flaws can negatively affect the site’s ranking in SERP.

Site Auditor offers efficient site analyses

Site Auditor module is a powerful tool which provides integrative analysis for your site.
It crawls every page and checks it for 19 parameters (and their number will be increased) thus every single error will be detected. No matter what is your tariff plan scanning speed is 5 pages per minute, it is slower only during free trial period which lasts for 14 days. Website audit software performs crawls weekly but nevertheless you can update the data any time you like. Depending on your tariff plan you can scan from 5000 pages per project to 50000 pages or even more if you choose Flexible tariff plan. You can see overall number of site errors in a graph. Also you can monitor dynamics of the site parameters for a selected period.
Besides seo audit software gives you access to a multi-filtration option so you’ll be able to group data the way it suits you. It is possible to choose parameters for the table and remove those you don’t need; you can group data according to selected parameters and you can filter these parameters. Once you’ve selected all coveted parameters you can download the file you’ve compiled.
Also the main table of website analysis tool contains small icons such as information, link and loupe. Information icon explains what a particular column header means; link icon opens a page near which it was set so that you could see how it looks from visitor’s perspective.
Loupe icon presents details depending on the place where it is situated – a list of links in a column “Outlinks” or list of readability tests which were applied to this page in a column “Readability”.

Analyzer – submodule containing detailed information

Loupe icon near the scanned page gives access to Analyzer. It is a Site Auditor’s on-page optimization software which provides detailed information on every page. Analyzer consists of four tabs. This division allows you to save time giving quick access to the target information avoiding anything you currently don’t need.
Summary tab comprises overall data about a particular page. At the top of the page you can see a simple but really helpful diagram. Its three colors present status of the parameters: red are those which need urgent fix, blue are parameters which are ok and the ones called Semi-Important fixes and need slight adjustment are yellow. Getting a glimpse at this diagram enables you to estimate the condition of the page. It is really useful because you don’t get flooded with information and seo audit tool provides you exactly with the data you need, whether it is detailed or in bulk.
The tab below presents more elaborate information. It shows all the parameters, their status, value and comment. You can download the summary data in Excel format. If you want to reanalyze the site click Clear Cache button.
If you are concerned of Common SEO Issues have a look at the table of the same name. It contains such parameters: HTML sitemap, Robots.txt, Favicon, Title and Title Length. Each parameter provides a short explanation. The Page Optimization tab contains corresponding parameters and their explanation as well. The same goes for the Server Info tab.
Thus you can be sure these website audit tools comprise everything you need for a successful site scan.

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