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RankActive All in One SEO Platform

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Page speed analyzer

We are analyzing every page on your website for loading speed.

Duplicate meta-tags

If you have duplicate titles or descriptions - we will inform you.

Duplicate content finder

We are also checking all text content on your website. We are checking it for duplicates.

Meta tags length checker

We are checking your website meta tags for the length data. If they are incorrect we will show it.

Broken links checker

We are always looking for broken links on your website.

Response code checker

If your pages response code answer is not "200 OK" - we will show it.

Inlinks and outlinks checker

It was never so easy to find and check your internal and external links.

Comprehensive page data

Canonical checker, readability value, h1 tags checker and much more!

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The benefits of using seo audit tools

How to conduct SEO audit

What is so substantial about this tool? Now the explanation of the importance and the main point of SEO audit. Website promotion is to be started not with buying of links, but with conducting of a comprehensive audit of the site. This process is called SEO audit of the site. It includes a detailed analysis of your site in order to check compliance with its pages, content, structure and number of technical parameters of the requirements of search engines. So, the task that has any SEO specialist is to examine the site features comprehensively. However, the most important thing is that such an analysis and optimization must be produced regularly. For this reason SEO audit tools has been developed.
One of the first questions that may have any SEO specialist is how to do SEO really efficiently but at the same time easily? So, now it’s not a problem as there is a great solution – RankActive. All – in – one SEO Platform provides you with free SEO audit tool during the usage of trial, that is available for 14 days.
Great results of search engine optimization audit you may get in case if you deal with the best SEO tools which solve most of the pain points in this process. SEO-audit is primarily aimed at identifying the weaknesses of the site and serves as the basis for all further promotion. Verification the suitability of the site for SEO-promotion before the work is simply necessary.

Gain everything for successful SEO process here

Having done SEO site audit, you will be able to gain information that is necessary for successful result. For instance you will be able to find out causes of poor search engine rankings. By eliminating errors on the site you avoid problems not only with the results of finding of a site in search engines but also get the effect on ranking the entire website.
RankActive offers a list consisting of 19 parameters currently available for a user. More features of site auditor are developing. However we have a lot to be mentioned. So, now each page is analyzed on 19 significant parameters. Let’s pay our attention on them. The first is the landing page of a site that is to be analyzed. The second one is title due to which you may check meta tags’ titles and their value. After what we have title length. The next parameter is H1 count. This is the number of h1 tags on the page. So, then H2 count and H3 count are with the same value. Further we have outlinks. It’s amount of external links from your page. The opposite one called inlinks so that are internal links on a page. Then it’s readability index. Also RankActive provides a user with meta description and its length. The parameter number 12 is Response code, which is returned by a web server. Flesh test is the next one and it shows presence or absence of flash elements on your page. Presence or absence of iframe elements is reproduced by frameset test. In addition RankActive has such parameters as canonical, depth, page size, plaintext size and finally load time.
Each page of a project is checked once a week, but you can update the data at any time you need.
Further RankActive provides you with SEO audit checklist with the help of which you'll be able to go through the list of the most important points of promotion quickly and make sure that you use them on your site. Add your points, if you feel that something has been missed. Load seo checklist on your computer if you need to show it to the client. It is the kind of your reminder, guide through the steps of your tasks and just necessary helper!
The next advantage that you may find useful is SEO report. The main purpose of SEO audit report tool is the creation of reports on SEO promotion for customers. On the other hand you can use SEO report as visual statistics for yourself. It gives you not only the opportunity to see detailed data on the whole project, but also availability to export the report. Free SEO audit report tool will help you to keep your clients aware to make them satisfied and deal with them longer!

It’s time to choose the best audit tool

The range of the characteristics of SEO audit tool is given above. There are all needed features for successful promotion. However you also have an access to the SEO audit tool comparison. The SEO audit tools of different providers are compared by RankActive. You can find this list on the main page and avoid any problems with choosing the right solution between the best seo audit tools. So, now you may compare tools and see the benefit for yourself. RankActive offers the best seo audit tool to make your work process a pleasure.

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