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The easiest way to find Google ranking of website

Why Google ranking check is so important

For many website owners it is not evident how to improve website position in SERP and how to find Google ranking for their websites. Many of beginners in search engine optimization ask questions like: how can I improve Google ranking of my site if I even don’t know exactly how to find out my Google ranking in a proper way? That is why understanding of main principles of search engine ranking is so important.
At the beginning, page ranking in search results was the main feature of Google search system. At that time it was enough for a website owner to increase density of keywords to find search engine ranking being noticeably improved. That shifty method led to a huge amount of overloaded with keywords pages over the web, which had doubtful value for people. Google developed pagerank algorithm which allowed to get more relevant search results for really valuable people oriented content.

How search engines rank my site

PageRank algorithm measure an importance of websites by research of links leading to it. If one page has a link to another website, Google consider it as a vote. The more votes a page has, the better search results position it gets. It makes a lot of sense, because people usually share relevant in their opinion content, linking to it from their websites. So, the quantity of links is good indicator of really useful and quality resources.
With time Google ranking became more complicated, and links from different pages started to have different weight. Links from websites with higher ranking consider to be more estimated than ones at lower positions. Of course, algorithms of page ranking are much more complex nowadays, and Google is constantly improves it, but these base methods are still very important and need to be considered while doing search engine optimization.

How can I see Google rating of my website

It is a common question for every new website owner: where do I rank on Google? There are several ways to find Google position of a website. As one can understand, very few pages can get to the first page of search results with common keywords because the number of internet pages concerning the same theme is constantly increasing.
It is simple to find page ranking of one or a few pages. But if you have more than one website, or do SEO, that practice would take a lot of time and other resources. For that purpose there are a lot of tools called website Google rank checker which help to automate this routine. All you have to do, using website Google ranking tool, is to enter keyword or keyword phrase and then get your website Google ranking report according to that search request.

How to increase website Google ranking

According to what said above, one of the best ways of improving Google ranking is having more backlinks to pages of your site from high ranked resources. Some people try to do it using special websites which sell places for links, but this approach works not so well now. The best way of getting backlinks is creating content which would be desirable for people to share. With development of social media this task became easier at one end. Social media marketing has increasing importance for improving website’s ranking in search systems like Google.
One more way of increasing rankings is using more complex and definite keywords and phrases. There is less competition in that segment and long phrases make search results more relevant to people’s needs. It is particularly useful for web resources of some local producers and service providers to use geographically located keyword phrases in their content. It allows to attract more relevant search traffic and to increase conversion of web pages.
So, we have tools to check Google ranking for keywords and quite a simple strategy of making your website more linkable, which together may be a good strategy to get success in online marketing. For those who would make SEO professionally, there are not only free tools with some functionality cut, but also paid ones, such as RankActive, These services help search engine optimization specialists to make their Google ranking reports more convenient and informative. They also can easily work with many online projects at the same time, helping one to save resources.

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