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Use search engine position checker Google UK

Why it is important to check site position

Monitoring Google ranking and checking site position in Google SERP is an important part of successful implementation of SEO-strategy. In order to make SEO strategy most effective, you should “keep an eye” on your site position, analyze changes that happen with it during the day, week, month, draw up a report and improve your steps in SEO. Checking site position is important first of all to identify gaps and to quickly eliminate them. Every SEO knows that wrong optimization steps or their absence worsen the position of the site. This situation reduces average number of clicks to website and as a result - total income of the owner. Especially when your website has the primary benefits for the inhabitants of one territory, for example, with United Kingdom, using search engine position checker Google UK and do right SEO steps is extremely important. Local website is interesting for a limited audience, so the place in the top for it is very important for not to lose traffic and income.

The main search engine ranking factors

Every year marketers and SEO-experts all over the world give their opinion on what ranking factors may help or hurt website visibility. Experienced SEO’s give due attention to this data. They analyze current position of their website based on the influence of key factors of ranking.
Pay attention to the most significant factors in ranking, reflected in this list:

  1. Factors associated with the domain like: keyword appears in top level domain, keyword appears like a 1stt word in domain, history of domain, lengths of domain, etc.
  2. Page factors like: presence of keyword in title, title starts with keyword, keyword in description, length of the content, keyword closeness, keyword word method, useful content, presence of keyword in URL, etc.
  3. Site factors like updates, site structure, gadget optimized, site usability, etc.
  4. Backlinks (linking domain age, links from competitors, guest posts, contextual links, link location on page, backlink age, organic click for a keyword, etc.)
  5. Signals of brand (brand name anchor text, branded searches, etc.)

This list is not full, but we gathered the most important website ranking factors. SEO optimizers should pay careful attention on them, to improve site position. Information on the position of the site in SERP they get with a help of website ranking checker or SERP checker software.

About local ranking factors

Keywords, authority, useful content, good usability and optimization for gadgets are important factors that have very big influence on site position in SERP. But in case with localized website we must say that search engine results strongly connected to proper SEO-optimization for specific territory.
Here are the most important local search engine factors:

  • authority of website domain;
  • authority of inbound links;
  • physical address in searched city
  • geographic keyword relevance of domain content;
  • local keyword in domain;
  • localized keywords in anchor text of inbound links to domain;
  • city, state in landing page h1/h2 tags;
  • designation of product or service keyword in domain;
  • quantity of quotation from locally-relevant domains;
  • localized keywords in anchor text of inbound links to landing page URL;
  • proximity of address to the place of search;
  • clicks to “call business”.

Google wants to see as much as possible features of localization on your website. If you act due to this wants your website will get higher position in the organic results.

Website ranking checker

Different websites that Google ranks on the first page of its search results are the ones that are the most relevant and useful. How does the sites get such rank? Google determines which websites are the most useful and relevant by using a complex mathematical algorithm, which based on more than 200 different factors. We already know the most important of them.
SEO-optimizers with a help of different tools like Google SEO rank checker, Google keyword checker discover a website position in SERP and then trying to improve current situation (even if site is on the top of SERP). While improving SEO strategy they pay attention to such ranking factors as keyword usage, usability, site speed, number and quality of inbound links, etc.
Using website ranking checker is a must if your goal is moving up and strengthen the site position on the TOP of SERP. To get secure SEO rank checker armor with a RankActive tools and be sure that you will always be one step ahead of competitors.

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