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Search volume, predicted traffic, CPC, KEI, total results and much more.

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RankActive keep SERP snapshot, paid ads and snippet data for every keyword for every day.

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What SERP is and how it works

You can’t even imagine how many users are looking for products and services typing their queries in search line. Millions websites are competing every moment. And if you want to create your own page, you need to stand out from the rest of the pages. That’s why the site becomes relevant only when its pages exactly match the search queries. The competition level in search engines is growing every day, but if you want to increase profits for your business in a geometric progression, or to enhance brand awareness in your market segment, you need to create powerful content with useful and important keywords. It’s possible with using keyword position checker tool.
SERP is a page that answers the search users’ queries. When users, clients or customers start typing exact phrases (specific terms are known as keywords), the search engine presents them the relevant results. TOP results are more important for users, because they seem to us more trusted than others. Such results are based on huge amount of factors including current keywords, right structure of the website, high speed of the resource, incoming links with the optimized keywords. Personal browser settings, history, location, social constraints also influence on the needed results.

What type of search results your page can be

Before you run your site, you need to know about the types of search results. There are two types – organic and paid results. What will you choose? Organic results appear as lists that are based on search engine algorithms. Paid results are displayed above organic results. They have been paid to advertisers to be shown as text-based ads. Simple example is Google AdWords.
Thoroughly no one knows all the details about the search process of the relevant pages in Google. These factors are changed every day, so you can catch only the basic or the most important things of them.
Some of the organic results appear in TOP positions, some of them are in next result pages, and sometimes even a highly qualified SEO expert cannot understand why it happens in that way. There are three categories of search queries which are divided into informational, navigational and commercial or related to money turnover (transactions, payment orders, purchase in online stores, etc.).
Users type information requests to find specific information about a person, an event or historical action. Navigational results help to find particular place. Paid SERPs are mostly common in commercial queries. Usually, client wants to buy something and its query consists of such words like “buy, order, lower price”. If you are in the other side and you are a seller that has own business with the website (online store or landing page with your contacts), this resource will increase your sales only with the right marketing strategy and specific tools. To get the best rankings ever you can with using free Google search position checker.

Why you need the SEO rank checker

If you want to run your site successfully, get new clients and increase sales, you need to know how important your site with selected keywords to current search engine. There is a process that determines the most valuable and relevant pages based on keywords. It is called Google ranking. Here is simple example. If you are blogger and want to become a popular personality, you need to create incomparable content with interesting facts. But who can find you if you just write for yourself without optimized keywords? It can be a huge problem for you.
If you want to achieve your goals, you need to use relevant, popular keywords which are intended for your target audience. So without doubt, you need paid or free Google keyword position checker tool. Of course, you can use Google keyword planner, AdWords’ analytic system and other available opportunities. You can analyze your website position with checker Google for free, but there are a lot of nuances.
You should agree, that if you want to build strong marketing strategy with achievable goals, you need to rely on website ranking checker tool that has more advantages and opportunities. Let’s consider extensive Google rank checker tool – RankActive. This software has own project management with subgroups “keywords”, “search engine” and permissions to other people (clients, for example). You can integrate Google Analytics to this tool and after it you will have the comfort analytic module with Audience, Traffic Sources, Content, Conversions & E-Commerce and Profile. Ranking module allows you to see the keyword position. Also, you can analyze the competitors’ data to understand why your rivals have TOP positions in search engines. Such amount of information is enough for an objective assessment of your position, possible errors and ways to increase your ranking results.

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