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Promoting a page on the Internet

Basically anyone who owns a page on the web has a clear understanding that it has no meaning if you do not get enough visitors. Whatever you do – own commerce or write a blog – you would be most likely interested in people discovering your works, buying your goods or simply visiting your page. To achieve this it is impeccable to have a well-planned promotion of the page, but where exactly should you start? That is where a website position checker Google reports come in handy. They come in various forms and offer the users to get different information on the page that they are managing. Using these reports you can find out, what is working properly and what is not, if you are looking for keywords or any other components of the site. The other thing is the amount and the sources of traffic that the page gets. You can do some changes in order to get the visitors that would be interested in the content of your page specifically and not just passing by. The right audience is the key of success of any commerce or of the popularity of blogs. Getting loads of traffic is not equal getting loads of sales or constant visitors. So it is one of the things that you might consider working on.


Any website Google position checker would use the keywords to run the check of the page in order to analyse all the different data that you would get in the report. The keywords for that matter are incredibly important for any page, whichever aim it has. Boosting the site’s popularity, attracting new unique visitors, getting the business running or introducing a new online service – all these things are closely connected to the SEO. A Google search position finder would give all the results of the check that you might possibly need to realize why something is not working for you. For example, you are not completely sure that all keywords for your page are effective. What you can do is attribute labels or just simply group the keywords according to a logic that you pursued when creating them and to analyse them in groups, so that the results would show the difference in their featuring. Like that, it is possible to get rid of the ineffective part and add in something new and working. You can try adding some suggested ones that can be generated in the Google search ranking checker for the specific page you are screening. Besides, you can get the information about other websites that are in some way similar to yours and probably find something new and interesting that they are already using and you are not. In plus, it is always possible to check out the keywords trends in various search engines and all that just in one page position checker.

The choice of the tool

Now that you know about the basic thing that you need to use a Google page position tool it is necessary to understand how you can choose one that would fit all your needs and demands. Google SERP rank checkers come in two main versions: online SEO platform, like RankActive, and installed software. The principles of their work, the features and functions are almost identical. But at the same time such tools have a set of different parameters for checking. The more parameters are used the more valuable tool is. Moreover, you can get a position checker Google free of charge for a certain period of time or in a restricted amount of functions and this is the best way to check it out. Using a free trial period you can get a touch of what this software looks like, how it works and whether the reports it generates are comfortable and suitable for you. When you have tested multiple tools and made up your mind you can purchase a paid version of the position check Google tool that you prefer and use its full potential from then on. Choosing the right tool might seem a long and difficult process but as a matter of fact it is not as you get to use all the utilities you are interested in and realise right away whether it suits you or not.

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