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Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Google Maps, Google Mobile, Google Map Pack

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Track your rankings from any location: any country, any city, any language.

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All rankings updates automatically every day.

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You can compare rankings of your project with any to dates.

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You can get your rankings in real-time. Just click Update button.

Keyword tags

Segment your keywords as you wish.

Comprehensive keywords data

Search volume, predicted traffic, CPC, KEI, total results and much more.

SERP history, ads and snippets

RankActive keep SERP snapshot, paid ads and snippet data for every keyword for every day.

Benefits from keyword rank checker tool use

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Nowadays, a website’s success is measured by many factors: its content, the ease of its interface, and, naturally, its ranking in search engines. To make sure enough people see and visit your website, you will need a keyword rank checker such as the one provided by RankActive. Keyword rank checker software is an invaluable tool for the promotion of any website and a vital element in the SEO keyword tracking process. To accomplish this, it is essential to monitor what words or phrases people search for. These terms are referred to as keywords, and should be monitored with the help of tools like our Google keyword rank checker tool so that the best selection of keywords is chosen for your website. Fortunately, this bulk keyword rank checker comes with a free trial, making the unique and successful technology available to everyone, from highly experienced SEO experts to those that are just starting work on their website. A free trial of our keyword rank checker software is available for two weeks, which should be just enough time to get acquainted with the aforementioned keyword checker and decide whether you intend to keep using it.

How this Google-focused keyword rank checker works

There are three main components for the keyword rank checker we offer online. The first and most interactive component of this SEO keyword rank checker is the control panel.s of the ranking and analytical process, including your preferred time interval (in days and months) and search engine. The control section will also allow you to update rankings to their most current state as well as download a report of the results in one of two file formats.
The next major component of the SEO rank checker is the graph. This feature is perfect for those who like to see data in a much more realistic and understandable form. The SERP rank checker graph shows which percent of keywords was used in searches over time. You can modify the graph to display the top 3, 5, 10 or even 100 keywords. By moving your pointer to a specific point in the SEO keyword ranking graph, you can get an exact ratio of how many keywords were used out of the total quantity.
While both of these rank tracker components are essential, they are not as comprehensive as the third component – the table. This section displays a multitude of data, including tags, search volume, keyword positions, dynamics, and several other aspects.

You will benefit from this SEO keyword ranking tool in many ways

RankActive works hard to bring you the best products, and this SEO page rank tool should be no exception. If you give the SEO keyword rank tool a chance, you will have some big advantages working in your favor. First of all, you will not need to waste money and risk buying a mediocre keyword rank checker for your business in the UK or another country, as this free trial won’t cost you a penny, but will demonstrate the quality of this software. Secondly, you will be able to take advantage of the most important keyword rank checker functions with this free software, such as producing a very informative Google website ranking report. The third big benefit lies in the diversity of the data you can produce. You will rarely have the chance to modify so many elements and variables in any other free keyword rank checker tool, but the one we offer will allow you to do this and more. Finally, this keyword position software will provide you with the most current data available, and even allow you to update it with modified variable.

This rank checker module is much more than it appears to be

If you are still having doubts about how this rank checker tool can be useful when working with keywords and Google, you should read the many success stories of big websites that prompted their rise to prominence through SEO optimization. By using this efficient rank checker, you will finally see what people are searching for the most, and thus determine which multiple or single keywords to add to your website. Within days of doing this, you will see an immediate improvement in your website’s traffic and enjoy good business in your line of work. Signing up for a free trial is easy and advantageous, and switching to a full paid version will be even easier if you are pleased with the experience at the end of its term.

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