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Answer to how do I find out my Google page ranking

Everybody check Google ranking

Even if you started a website just for fun and not for money you would like to check its Google ranking. You’ve been spending time and efforts on this project and now you need to know “Where does my website rank on Google?” “How users find it?” Anyway whether it’s a whim or a necessity it won’t harm to check site’s Google ranking. Even an experienced SEO-experts who know about hurdles of personalized search results jumps at the opportunity to discover their website Google ranking. It is better to know at least approximate results than to be uninformed. And to be honest those who say checking website position in Google is unimportant and unreliable also do it – just to be on the safe side. So why not check my Google ranking as well? But how do I find my Google page ranking. There are a few ways and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Check Google ranking and not page rank

But if your website is new at first you have to make sure that Google has indexed it. To find it out you need to perform a search this way: If you get pages from your website than it is indexed, if not you probably have to wait a few more days till Google finds it.
So Google sees your website but you are wondering: “how do I find out my Google page ranking”. If you try to ask Google this question you may get confused because you get a certain share of results about page rank. Page rank and page ranking are semantically close but they refer to different algorithms. Page rank assesses each page of your website and assigns it a certain rank (from 0 to 10) depending (roughly put) on number of valuable links. You don’t have to dwell on it because the page rank is dead and it doesn’t affect ranking. Whilst page ranking algorithm is fit as a fiddle and has more than 200 parameters determining site’s position in a search results. The aim of the Google ranking algorithm is to serve the most reliable and useful results high on the SERP (search engine results pages).

How do I find out my Google ranking using keywords

Google keeps changing its ranking algorithm in order to prevent manipulations and improve its services. So long story short Google’s goal is to keep user as happy as possible.Thus you have to be user-oriented when you check Google ranking. First of all you need to consider what keywords you want to rank for. What users need to look for to find you? What words represent your website in essence? Will they get what they want on your site using those keywords? If your website’s visitors get what they are looking for on your site they won’t leave and it’s one of parameters to tell Google your site is valuable and worth high ranking. On the other hand, if users are searching for gloves and find your site offering manicure they will be disappointed and leave at once. Relying on this Google considers your webpages irrelevant and rank it lower. Thus even if your services or products are of high quality misusage of keywords can lead to disappointment when you check your Google ranking.

Performing a manual rank checking

So the relevant keywords have been picked. The simplest way to discover where does my website rank on Google is to key in a coveted keyword in a search box and sift through SERPs looking for your website to appear. If your website is new don’t expect to see it on the first page because the competition for the keywords is high (especially for short ones). But if the keyword is really appealing to you it may be worth trying to get high ranking for it. Still it is necessary to know where does my website rank on Google for a particular keyword without making extra efforts. So get ready for long and tedious manual check of your Google ranking. The more keywords you want to check the more time you are going to spend in front of computer.The silver lining of such boring work is that you can see your competitors – sites that rank higher for your coveted keywords. You can check what services they offer, how their sites look like, what is their meta description tag. Maybe it will give you some insights where to aim your efforts.

Manual check of your Google ranking. Disadvantages.

Whilst checking your ranking manually seems simple, getting unbiased results is a little more complicated. The problem is Google strives to make you happy as a user and serves you personalized search results. So when you check your Google ranking and your website is in top-10 don’t get overexcited. Probably the search engine ranks it so high only for you. You’ve been visiting you project again and again. Thus, to save your efforts Google places it higher in your SERP. Nevertheless, for the rest of users your website will be served much lower. Besides, by default you get localized search results. It means when you look for coffee Google serves you coffee shops from your region or your city. So if the coveted site isn’t locally targeted finding where does my website rank on Google globally gets complicated. Also it’s an effort to check website’s Google ranking in another country.

Getting unbiased results when you check Google ranking

Though answering question how do I find out my Google page ranking is a bit difficult if you perform a manual check, it is still possible. It is necessary to sign out of all your Google services and turn on incognito mode. This way you may avoid personalized SERP. Also you can use another browser (not Google Chrome) and switch it into incognito mode just to be safe. Besides, it won’t harm to add “pws=0” in the end of your search query. This depersonalizing parameter also helps to get unbiased results.
While you can hope to avoid personalized search results there is no silver bullet against local results. Some webmasters simply don’t mind because their services are locally targeted. Others try different workarounds but they are helpful only up to a point.
When you check Google ranking manually set to avoid being redirected to country specific version of Google. If it doesn’t suit you look for plugins in the Internet to apply to your browser (not Google Chrome) or try a feature in Google Chrome Developer Tools to emulate latitude and longitude of your current position. But neither of these methods is simple and effective all together.

Using online website rank checker

Another way to check ranking of your website is to use online Google ranking checker. Such tools appear in the search results as soon as you start looking for anything related to website ranking. Mostly they are free and easy to use. You just insert your domain and desired keywords in search box and wait for results. Some tools allow you to check competitors’ Google ranking for your keywords as well. Other utilities enable you to select a search area and a search engine or its local version. Besides, using any website rank checker you avoid personalized and localized SERP.
On the other hand online Google rank checker serves only limited results.It offers restricted number of keywords or number of searches per domain. You can’t be sure you can check all your keywords using only one tool.
Some tools were blocked by Google for overloading computing powers by sending too much queries to the search engine.
Moreover, finding a reliable free website rank checker is time-consuming. You have to try and compare a lot of tools. But if you get different results for the same keyword from various rank checkers how can you know which result is true? You need some reliable source to check your ranking against.

How do I find out my Google page ranking with Google Webmaster tools

Also, if you need to check your Google ranking try Google Webmaster tools. First you have to sign up for the toolset. But it is free and has a number of options to enable you to see your website from Google’s perspective. It is possible to explore for what keywords Google ranks you (and they may be even not those you have expected).
Unfortunately it isn’t always possible to find out where does my website rank on Google using Google Webmaster tools. If your site has less than 100 000 search impressions a day Webmaster tool won’t display you reliable ranking data. The same goes with long tail keywords. They are long and specific key phrases which are used by visitors. It is easier to get high ranking for such phrases than for a single word keywords. Still if number of your clicks and impressions isn’t big enough you will hardly get reliable data from Google Webmaster tools. So if your site is new and not very popular (yet) Google Webmaster tools isn’t the best option to check your Google ranking.
Anyway it won’t harm to sign up for the toolset because besides ranking it helps you to spot general issues which hinder Google from ranking your website higher. All the more so it is free and you can use it along with any other Google ranking checker.

Paid Google ranking checker

But the most functional tool which provides you with reliable granular data about your site ranking is a paid website rank checker. It is mainly offered by solid companies which can afford running such service. The downside is that you have to pay for it but the upside is that you won’t get only Google ranking checker. When you subscribe for this tool you also get access to other services such as Backlink checker or Website Auditor. It enables you to monitor what’s happening on your website in one place. As for the ranking a paid website rank checker allows you to modify a wide range of settings. You can select location, language and period of a check, search engine (or a few). Besides, you get informative reports schedually. Using a paid tool you not just satisfy your curiousity but get a detailed answer to a question “Where does my website rank on Google”

A powerful Google ranking checker

A solid service which offers granular data about your website position in search results is Ranking module. It is a part of RankActive platform. After performing basic settings such as selecting search engine (you can check your ranking in 4 search engines besides Google), location and keywords you can start working. The tool contains “Update Rankings” button so by pressing it you get fresh data about all your keywords any time you want. The big picture you can see in a Graph which displays percentage and number of your keywords appearing in top 3 or top 5, top 10 search results. By hovering a mouse you can see exact number of keywords in a particular day on a certain position in SERP.
Below the Graph is a Table containing a variety of parameters for each keyword. In it you can discover level of competition and search volume for a particular GEO and language in Google AdWords for each search term. This website rank checker also allows to explore ups and downs of your keywords so you can monitor them in dynamics. The Ranking module contains a diversity of parameters (more than Google Webmaster tools) and checks more meticulously. Even in the cheapest tariff plan of this website rank checker you are allowed to check up to 2500 keywords versus 300 keywords in the cheapest tariff plan of an average paid Google ranking checker. Besides RankActive is mobile friendly so you can check your Google ranking from mobile devices.

So discovering how do I find out my Google ranking isn’t so simple as it seems. But there is always a solution. Depending on your needs and finances you can check your Google ranking manually, use free online tool or spend some money and get detailed data from a powerful paid Google ranking checker.

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