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Google site ranking checker for your website

What you can do if your site is not in TOP positions

It is not important if you have online store, blog or landing page to make strong your brand awareness. All these types can have the same problem – the absence in TOP 50 positions at least, using the meaning keywords. The reason why is very versatile. You can be the new one in the internet marketing, don’t know about SEO tips, don’t use Google search ranking checker. Or you can use the Google planner of keywords but you choose general, useless phrases exactly for your site. What ways can solve your problems?
At first, learn the definition of page ranking for keyword. It is a process of determining value, importance and relevance of your webpage. It’s based on useful and optimized keywords, so if you choose the right phrases, you can take lead over your rivals.

Start with the SEO

SERP can be displayed as organic or paid result. Let’s start with the simple thing. If you are a buyer, you open your Google page, type the words (which are the keywords, that you need to use for good ranking position) and get results. In general, you browse only first page of search results (of course, you can have the exceptions, if you look for concrete thing or site). These sites look like trusted sources with a lot of credibility for its customers, so you click, choose the product and buy it.
If you are the seller, you have to know, that page ranking for keyword is a way to determine the importance of your site amongst the competitors. You have to understand what exact phrases are right and relevant for your site. If you have online store, you need to use commercial keywords that immediately determine your target audience. Those words can’t be general or have the vague idea about your brand. You know from the start that if you want to buy something, you necessarily need to use some words like “buy, best offer, sale, best price”. SERP represents pages that answer users’ queries in search engines. Such page is always unique for every customer because of huge amount of factors.

What factors influence on your position

If you want to get more traffic you need to get what exactly you do wrong and how to fix it. The most important factors that can influence on your pages results are:

  • Chosen keywords in titles, tags, descriptions and image titles;
  • Using of repeating content;
  • Incorrect structure of your site;
  • Low speed of your resource;
  • Big number of incoming links instead of quality links from useful, relevant, popular sites;
  • Google website rank checker that has difficult usability. For example, chosen Google keyword rank checker doesn’t allow you to see the full necessary information.

So, what can you do to get the best results from Google site ranking checker?

Choose the comfortable tool for determining ranking results

Of course, you can find Google ranking tool for free with unlimited benefits. But how true is it? You cannot know about all pitfalls in this tool for sure. Instead, you can try to use the comfortable, comprehensive tool like RankActive. This software has trial period for 14 days so you can try all of opportunities without exclusions. What are the main advantages of RankActive?

  • Own project management. In this section you can give the names to your projects, add or remove them. You may select current search engines, include needed locations, and give access to other users. Also, you can manage all keywords by yourself. You can type them manually or you can choose them from the specific optimized list. All actions you can decline or save in any time.
  • This website Google rank checker has ranking data that include useful columns. There are assigned tags, search volume with the popularity of keywords in current region or search engine, delta column with the difference between start and end dates for particular keyword (growth or drop), relevant URL pages, data from Google AdWords (CPC, level in PPC).
  • This software allows you to watch and match the rivals’ data. This analysis can help you to understand why your competitors get the TOP positions, what keywords are the most important. Also, you can match yours and rival’s traffic, ranking and visibility.
  • Connection with Google Analytics allows this tool to help marketing specialists with useful information. Comprehensive analysis helps to determine the weaknesses in the content, traffic sources, audience, e-commerce.

Every time, when you want to use a query “check my website ranking” you will be satisfied with undertaken work.

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