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Estimate Google keyword rank checker UK

Why keywords are important in SEO-optimization steps

Before you begin to build effective SEO strategy you should disjoint it into key components. One of these components is a keyword list. Effective SEO strategy consists of different significant parts, but especially SEO optimizers pay very careful attention to keyword list. Potential visitors and clients always looking for a service or a product in Internet, using specific keywords related to their needs. So, if you want to be successful your website should be visible for searchers. If you want to be on top of the SERP you should choose the queries with high search volume. Also you should build keyword list in such way that satisfies all the queries of clients and fell right on target, compared with competitors. To succeed and get organic traffic, site optimization should be done by professional SEO optimizers. Then you will be able to compete with sites that have big marketing budget. When your site is locally targeted, being on top or on first page of SERP is very desirable result. First of all because targeted audience is limited to the territory and when your layout is Great Britain then use Google keyword rank checker UK, Google UK keyword position checker. With a help of this tool you will always know about your position in SERP related to keyword requests on your territory, you will see the most popular search queries in your area. Based on information received via Google UK keyword rank checker you can always correct your keyword SEO-plan.

Basic tips for getting better keyword position

Keyword phrase involves identifying a group of targeted keywords that will be used in optimization. This moment is very important and requires a great amount of time to find appropriate phrases that offer a balanced combination of 2 main factors: high requested by searchers and relatively low competition within search engines. If you have no confidence in chosen keywords and phrases, you can get a new one via special tools and then check your position in SERP via keyword rank checker software or Google keyword position check.
Determination of the most popular keywords is not enough for successful optimization of your website. You must remember that the most popular keywords and queries are the ones that have high competition within search engine results and may not be the object on which you should waste optimization efforts. To achieve better results in planning “keyword strategy” and to get better keyword position you should find a group of phrases (no less than 10) that are often requested by the searches but for this time treated like less competitive in the total number of search results. Their competitiveness could fall because of seasonal reasons, local factors etc.
Here are some basic tips for you to find out how your site can get a better keyword position:

  • choose keywords very carefully, do not afraid to waste more time, the longer you will be looking for the right keywords, the more effective they will be;
  • be specific in choosing “long tail” keywords, learn more information about “long tail” keywords of competitors similar to yours;
  • use SERP checker to know your place in search engine for chosen keywords, if it is not acceptable, try to cut a number of keywords and phrases. In some cases - less is more. After doing this step, check your site position via website ranking checker again;
  • build beneficial backlinks;
  • pay attention to quality of your keywords. It is also matters.

Something about choosing local keywords

Successful SEO marketing for the website that is locally optimized includes digging competitive keywords and phrases for being on top. The main rule in choosing local keywords is to pay attention to their relevance to your niche. Remember, keywords that deal with food will not useful if you selling auto.
You should specify your potential clients. You should know everything about them. You should optimize your site by local keywords in a way that the visitor will realize - your suggestion is exactly what he was looking for. A person, who lives in UK, for example, won’t go to USA website to buy a sunglasses or bags. This person is lazy and wants to get a purchase faster. So he or she rather will buy goods not far from home. If you remember it, you will succeed.
In order to choose right local keywords do some thinking about what exact desires your website is satisfying and if localized words help your potential local clients to find your site.

How does keyword position checker work

Search engine optimization goal is to take a position in the top 3 in SERP. It is easy and hard at the same time. To find out a place of your website or competitor’s website in the search engine use SEO rank checker tools. For example, if you want to know what place the website ranked via specific keywords, Google keyword rank checker will help you to get desirable data. This tool conducts scanning through search engine results for targeted keywords and displays the information of position of your site in SERP. To get fast keyword position results for free use RankActive tools. Doing some steps you will get full, simply organized and clear in usage online results about your website ranking, progress in ranking and a list of direct competitors.

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